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Disha Patani, Hina Khan And Other Celebrities Do Not Have Time To Show Support For The Anti-CAA Protests, Okay? They’re Busy

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The anti-CAA protests have really immobilised our country. From Delhi to Karnataka, these protests have unified the citizens of our country to fight tooth and nail against the government. Thousands of people are on the road, holding placards condemning the government for passing this terrible bill. Protesters are getting detained, beaten up by the police and hit with tear gas bombs. It really is complete and utter chaos. But one that was probably needed.

The only way this is going to work if we all speak on one unified voice. And that should include everyone – from Bollywood celebrities and influencers- to sports people. Some celebs have tweeted against the ongoing crisis and some have even joined in on the peaceful protests that were organised in Mumbai. However, most of the more prominent ones are yet to break their silence about it. I am guessing they will like five years later when they finally have a script about this in hand. But hey, better late than, never right?

Being one of the largest industries we have, it is really amazing how unfazed they are. “Why get your hands dirty in someone else’s garbage”, seems to be their mantra when it comes to the CAA. While cities are burning, getting detained for no reason at all and getting beaten up black and blue, most of Bollywood has been carrying on their business as if the country isn’t witnessing one of the biggest revolutions in history.

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Of course, through this whole ordeal, social media users have been less than forgiving. So much so that the hashtag #ShameOnBollywood was trending for a better part of the day yesterday. Apart from celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Farhan Akhtar, Konkana Sen Sharma, Richa Chadha, Swara Bhaskar, Vir Das and just a handful more, no one has acknowledged the movement. Now, Instagram’s current favourite target is Disha Patani and so she was pulled up for being mum about this.

Disha Patani who is not more than 3-4 movies old in the industry, has taken to Instagram earlier today to post a bikini picture of herself. While that would be perfectly okay at any other time, netizens felt she was being ignorant towards the chaos that is rampant in our country right now. Was she? Or did she just want to show off her Calvin Klein lingerie? I guess we will never know.

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We decided it would be fun to dig a little further. As it turns out Disha isn’t the only celebrity who is living in a bubble. We have Hina Khan, our country’s absolute favourite reality TV star who is up to her eyeballs with promotions for her upcoming music video Raanjhana. She probably noticed the lakhs of people on the street and thought it was just another normal day for our city.

We also noticed Kangana Ranaut who is usually extremely vocal about the most inane topics that hold zero significance to anyone’s lives was awfully quiet. Who can forget the way she fanned the flames when she began the ongoing nepotism debate? It is no secret she has the ability to voice her opinions. This means she has chosen to keep her words to herself on this one and get busy with promoting her movie Panga. Glad to know she knows how to do that. Maybe she can teach her sister, the Twitter controversy queen Rangoli Chandel the trick to do that as well.

Then we have Shraddha Kapoor, who according to her Instagram is also neck-deep in promotions for her upcoming movie Street Dancer 3D. While the streets came alive with thousands of protesters, Shraddha and the rest of the cast thought it would be fun to get onto a tour bus. It is definitely the correct time to opt for a promotional method which includes being on the road. But of course, Shraddha did not think it would be vital to talk about the CAA protests. In the same way, she does not think it is important for her to talk about any other topic of significance. At least she is consistent.

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Lastly, we noticed Kriti Sanon. Who, amidst this volatile climate in our country has made the time to play with puppies. Don’t get me wrong, there is no feeling better than playing with doggos but I don’t think it is the best idea when over half a lakh people are out there protesting against the government. But then again, doggo’s over anything right, Kriti?

I get that these actresses are just doing their jobs. They don’t mean to ignore the protests, but the fact of the matter is that they are. Those lakhs of people on the roads also have jobs, they also work to earn a living. But of course, celebrities have more important things to do, more money to earn and absolutely no time to send out a quick tweet just to show their support towards those protesters.

If we want all this mayhem to mean something, we need to act together in solidarity. We need these celebrities to voice their opinions to help people see the difference between right and wrong.

We can do better, but we need their help. Otherwise, this period will also go down in history as a failed attempt at trying to better our “democracy.”

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