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This Cop In MP Brutally Beat Up His Wife Because She Objected To Him Having An Affair. Who Do We Women Turn To Now?

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We hope you don’t have to face it, but imagine you face a serious problem like someone groped you or is continuously harassing you or worse, you are a victim of domestic abuse. What is the first thing you are going to do to ensure your safety? Of course, after trying to remove yourself from the situation? You would go to the police, wouldn’t you? Go to the station and file a complaint. That is the very first step for you to take so you can get justice (years and years later but it’s a start). But what are you going to do when the prepatrator is the very person who is supposed to keep you safe? That is a truly terrifying situation to be in.

Just thinking about it sends cold shivers down my spine. Take this shocking case that has just come to light from Madhya Pradesh’s Manawar town of Dhar district where a cop is seen brutally thrashing his wife in public. The worst part? This incident took place in the presence of other police officers who, instead of stopping him and helping the woman, were seen egging him on. The only reason we know about this outrageous incident is that a video of it surfaced on social media platforms on 11th February.

In the video, you can see Gandhwani police station in-charge Narendra Suryavanshi, kick and choke his wife before throwing her on the ground and pulling her by her hair. Though he was not in uniform, in the background there is a group of men amongst whom were 4-5 uniformed policemen who are standing around witnessing this appalling incident, doing absolutely nothing. They are instigating Narendra by saying, “Maaro usko” (Hit her). In one frame of the video, you can also see a man remove one of his shoes to hit her as well.

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This video had me absolutely irate. But then this was only the beginning. When I read the details, it got worse.  The woman is so helpless, surrounded by a bunch of men while her husband physically assaults her. Reportedly, the reason behind Narendra bashing his wife up is because she objected to his illicit relationship with another woman. Correct me is I am wrong but aren’t the police supposed to be ideal citizens and lead by example? What the fuck is wrong with these men?

After the video surfaced online, action has been initiated against Narendra. He has been sent to the district police lines and an internal inquiry has been ordered to investigate further. He has also been charged with rape and kidnapping.

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It is no secret that things like this happen all the time and not only in small towns and villages. But this particular case is so gruesome and hard-hitting. These are the men that are supposed to protect us and uphold the law. Instead of doing that, this man is thrashing his wife just because she wouldn’t let him have an affair and the others are just standing around and watching like its some freak show. Narendra needs to be removed from the force and put behind bars for physically abusing his wife.

Maybe this is a one-off incident, but it is someone’s reality. Who is going to help that woman? The police clearly can’t be bothered. Some steps really need to be taken to ensure that the citizens don’t need protection from the very people who have sworn to protect us.

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