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Female Students Were Sexually Assaulted, Groped At Gargi College. The Police And College Authorities Did Nothing. This Is Appalling

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For most of us, college is the time of our lives where we are the happiest. From chilling in the canteen to participating in various events, college is where we grow, learn and make friends for life. But lately, colleges in India, specifically, Delhi have become super political and highly unsafe for women. With the massive mobilisation of students in these colleges, especially in times of political unrest, we would think that there would be extra security during these times, but it turns out, that’s not the case.

The students of Gargi college in Delhi are alleging that on 6th February, a group of drunken middle-aged men barged in, harassed and even molested a bunch of women. This incident took place during their annual festival Reverie. The students said that the men did not belong to the college, but they broke in and began masturbating and touching the girls inappropriately. Some reports even say that these men locked a few girls in washrooms and molested them. The very idea is disconcerting, to say the least.

You’d think that with the reputation that Delhi has, what with it being unsafe for women, the authorities would be quick to be on the scene and take stringent action against the perpetrators,  And you would be wrong. The police stood by as these men went around doing as they please. Students have alleged that the men who broke in were a part of the pro-CAA rally that was happening nearby when they decided it would be fun to gatecrash and sexually assault these girls.

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This incident rapidly achieved virality on social media and one of those posts said, “There were drunk, middle-aged men harassing us, molesting us and masturbating at us… I was groped thrice by a group of men inside that crowd and when I screamed, they laughed…”.

Another social media post said, “Girls were groped, locked in washrooms, stalked to the nearby Green Park metro, cat-called, eve-teased and misbehaved with during the festival.” Seriously, we need to take a long hard look at what is going on because this is unacceptable. These men need to be found and action needs to be taken.

While at this point, our expectations from Delhi police are low at best, what is shocking is the systematic failure on all accounts that these women are being subjected to. The college authorities have been quiet on the matter.

Though the fact is, the college is yet to file an FIR. Apparently, these men came in trucks and entered the campus at 4:30 pm and this horrible ordeal continued until 9 pm.

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In an interview, the acting principal Promila Kumar said, “The event was open for boys studying in other DU colleges. We had police, commandos and bouncers on campus, and staff was also on duty. There was an arena in the campus meant only for girls. If they were outside that, it was their personal choice.”

You know how silly girls can be, demanding space in their own college and wanting to be safe. The acting principal is implying that the women almost called it upon themselves, by stepping out from the space that wasn’t theirs. Next you know, the principal shall squarely place the blame on women for being out on the roads because they were outside the “safe zone.”

While we want to say this is shocking, it isn’t entirely. For a long time now, we have placed the blame of all assault on the women and this is no different. In this case, as it is with many others, the victims are to be blamed because why even control your men? It isn’t like you can tell them to not touch women inappropriately. Nope, the women need to stay in their allotted areas so that men don’t harass them.

Do you know how fucking ridiculous that sounds? Those men broke in, entered the fest, began masturbating, groped students, rubbed up against them, locked them in washrooms and stalked them till the metro station. Instead of filing a complaint and ensuring the safety of the students, the principal is making fucking excuses. Is this what college life has become now? What absolute trash.

A lot of the students are blaming the management and the college for this horrible experience and rightly so. The students have organized a protest today, but this goes way beyond just a protest. These men need to be found, put behind bars and tried for all the mayhem they have created.

At this point, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has taken note of the serious charges and the college authorities have apparently claimed that there was a lapse on their part.

This is a developing story. Watch this space for updates as more details emerge.

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