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This 62-Year-Old Bengaluru Woman Won The Grandma Earth Title In Bulgaria. She’s Proof That There’s No Age Limit To Fulfilling Your Dreams.

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American comedian, actor and singer Joe E Lewis said, “You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough.” We look at youth like it’s the only time of your life that’s productive and worth living. Somehow, we are almost too proud to be young because our bodies are unwrinkled and our memory isn’t wonky. But we fail to see that with age comes wisdom and discipline, which are far superior to the lines on your skin. Age isn’t and shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your achievements and this grandmother from Bengaluru proved just that.

Aarti B Chatlani, a 62-year-old woman was crowned Grandma Earth at the Grandma Universe pageant in Sofia, Bulgaria. I didn’t even know that a pageant like that even existed, call it my ignorance or the sad truth of the world we live in. But the only pageants that garner enough buzz are those with young women, ones that have a bikini round that have nothing to do with talent. Having said that, I am glad that media is now covering this and someone representing India won the title.

The pageant consisted of three rounds: the national costume one, a talent round and the crowning ceremony. Chatlani detailed out her experience, “For the first round, I wore a lehenga and bridal jewellery.” For the talent round, she did a dance performance, while here my 28-year-old body aches after my weekend belly dance class. “My effort definitely didn’t go unappreciated, since I took so many props and a picture of me with all my grandkids on a standee, just for this performance,” she expressed.

Chatlani revealed that she was quite nervous before the pageant as she saw “tall and fit” grandmas from other countries. “But my husband reminded me that I should just stay and enjoy the experience,” she said. And even though her family couldn’t make it to Bulgaria, they supported her from miles away. “It was around 4 am in India when the contest took place but they stayed awake. My sister, Anita Amarnaney, was present and helped them watch the ceremony through a live video call,” Chatlani revealed.

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This is literally the best piece of news that I have come across today. It warms my heart to see a woman at a ripe age, pushing herself and leaping forward. People who believe that art and glamour is just for young people can leave their jaws dropped to the floor! “I wish every grandma out there gets to experience this,” Chatlani said and I wish the same!

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