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These Female Celebrities Shut Down Trolls In The Most Epic Way Possible!

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It’s been a triumphant year for women. This was the year that saw the #MeToo movement happen and it was path-breaking. We’ve climbed up the ladder, brought down those shielded by privilege and power while still managing to but also managed to keep their sanity on the internet.

Social media has once again proved to be powerful and in these tricky times, often supportive. Not always though. If you’re a celebrity, and a woman, the comments section is where decency goes to die. The perverts, the moral police, it’s all fair game in the comments section or the DMs. And they go forth unabashed. They will talk about what you wear, why you wear it, what size you are, what is showing, what shouldn’t be showing, it’s no-holds-barred commentary about your body, your clothes, anything, and everything. But a lot of female celebrities aren’t having it and this year, these women shut down trolls in the most epic way possible.

Here is a list of celebrities who savagely gave it back to the trolls.

  1. Priyanka Chopra

Earlier this year Priyanka Chopra got to meet the Prime Minister of India,  Narendra Modi. And, apparently, it was very ‘Unsanskari’ of her to show some skin in front of the respected PM. A large chunk of the population got offended on behalf of the PM. Clearly, unemployment is a real issue. PeeCee wasted no time and took the matter in her hands by uploading a picture of her with her mom showing some skin with the caption “Legs for days”. She deserves a standing ovation for this!

priyanka chopra

  1. Fatima Sana Shaikh

She was constantly shammed for wearing a swimsuit on the beach during the month of Ramazan. But, she Dangal-ed back by uploading another selfie of her in a saree with the caption – Shameless selfie. Well, she clearly owned the arena!

  1. Chrissy Teigen

She should write another book with a list of comebacks, it’ll sell like crazy! Teigen gave birth to a baby boy – Miles Theodore Stephens earlier this year, and she made an appearance post pregnancy at the Emmy’s. The trollers (not sure what to call them) decided to make unsavoury comments about her weight. However, Chrissy replied to the troller giving them second-degree burns!

  1. Cardi B

It’s almost like having a baby for a celebrity is a sin. Also, who allows these insensitive idiots to exist on the internet? Somebody literally told Cardi B that getting pregnant is a waste while she could’ve been earning some money instead. But Cardi B’s reply had us all in awe!

5. Taapsee Pannu

We won’t be doing justice to the article if we didn’t mention Taapsee’s hilarious comeback to a pervert. She didn’t only savagely shut him down but also made this particular word increase its search on the internet. Read all about it here!



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