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Taapsee Pannu Single-Handedly Increased The Search For This Word On Google

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You know it’s real, important and legit when Google says it is. And recently. Taapsee, took  Google search by storm when she used the word ‘cerebrum’ in a pretty savage and sassy comeback to a sexist troll.  Now, while a lot of Bollywood actresses can appear at the top of Google searches for various reasons, like bikini pictures or bold scenes or what have you, this one was probably a first.

The guy who commented on Taapsee’s tweet obviously has some issues. One, that he sees women as mere objects making him a part of the 99% of the Indian populace and two, that he deems any platform, public or private, fit to unleash his horniness. So, the eloquent guy, said this.

Taapsee,  on the other hand, didn’t mind giving him a piece of her mind, pun intended, taking him down, and delivering a second degree burn in the process.

The internet enjoyed this tremendously, giving the tweet plenty of likes. The others quickly jumped to a new window to type ‘cerebrum’ into a Google search. Clearly a lot of people were impressed and wanted to know the meaning of the word because there was a surge on Google for the word. Guess no one paid attention in the biology classes as kids, though.

So the next time we want something to go viral, we know who to contact to get the best result!


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