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The Girl Who Shared Screenshots Of Bois Locker Room Is Still Receiving Threats And Lewd Messages, One Month Down. How Awful

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Earlier last month, although it was the Instagram group Bois Locker Room that was exposed, we were more exposed to the whole filth it brought to the fore. The kind of obscenity simmering in that group seemed just like a compressed vision of an expansive problem that traverses an entire nation. This virus that was exposed thanks to a few whistleblowers seemed far more deep-rooted than the pandemic the world is battling right now. At least, we have hope for getting a vaccine for the latter.

In that group, members glorified and trivialised rape, joked about violation of consent, and sexually objectified of young girls, most of whom were minors. Nudes and morphed lewd pictures were shared of their sexual “conquests”. And there, humanity was seen at its lowest. When they were exposed, the girl who shared the screenshots of the chats was threatened, her account hacked into and harassed. Because that’s what these guys know to do – try and silent a woman using aggression and force.

The admin of the group who was 18 had been arrested and other juvenile members were being investigated. While the world soon moved on to other horrifying news of violation we hear every day, the girl who shared the screenshots is still being harassed a month later. Her ordeal didn’t stop and she received several threats and vile messages on social media, after which she filed an FIR at the Cyber Cell of Delhi Police.

Outlook quoted a police officer, “We have registered an FIR based on the complaint from the girl. As per the complaint, she was threatened. She received obnoxious and offensive messages. The nature of content she received was threatening but primarily obnoxious in nature.” Things don’t take time to escalate from “primarily obnoxious” to “threatening” and honestly, we shouldn’t wait to see if they do.

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She is such a brave girl; she has taken a stand, time and again against these obscene boys. It takes people willing to put in the effort and do the right thing to expose such groups. 21-year-old Haris Khan who was completely unrelated to the girls who were being berated in the Bois Locker Room group took a stand and made things happen. A female friend of his shared the screenshots with him and she had received them from a male friend who got added to the group by a random user. He went on to track down the girls being discussed in the group and they decided to expose the group and file a complaint with the Cyber Cell. You just have to care enough even if it’s not you or someone you know at risk.

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