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How Does A Secret Group Like ‘Bois Locker Room’ Get Exposed? All It Takes Is One Person. Know The Whistleblower’s Story

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You know I have always wondered what is that makes men do vile things. Is it just a primal mating instinct that never fully evolved? Or society? Whatever it is, it’s a nuisance and no amount of schooling on consent and equality is going to change that. We have been objectified and unnecessarily sexualized all because some men just can’t seem to reign it in.

However, at least when it’s adult men who partake in such acts, we know exactly who to blame. They know the difference between right and wrong and they also know the consequences of their actions. Which means they make an informed choice of wronging the woman. What do you do when the accused are a bunch of teenagers who have barely hit puberty? Do you blame them, their upbringing, the company they’ve been keeping or just general stereotypical gender norms?  Or do you blame all of it?

Once again, we are talking about the ‘Bois Locker Room’. A bunch of boys between 14 years and 17 years, created an Instagram group to berate women, objectify them and glorify rape. The worst part is, they didn’t stop there. Those boys went on to share nude pictures of girls and even morph their pictures. When they were close to being caught, they hacked into girl’s profiles and sent threatening messages. This group is proof that zero morals and raging hormones are a disastrous combination. I am no judge but if they are old enough to try and cover their tracks, they are old enough to know what they did was seriously messed up, right?

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The police have arrested the group admin, an 18-year-old boy who just appeared for his 12th-grade examinations this year. He admitted to being the admin of the group but said that he didn’t even know some of the members.Which honestly, isn’t all that surprising. Tell testosterone-induced boys that there is a group where nudes are being shared and it shouldn’t take much convincing for some of them to be part of the group, even if they know no one in it personally.

According to investigators, the group had 22 members out of which only two were adults studying in college. The other 20 were studying in at least four different prominent schools of Delhi-NCR. The Cyber Cell has spoken to a few boys who admitted to being members to this group. They said that they deleted their Instagram accounts as soon as screenshots from this group landed on social media. Again, this doesn’t come as a surprise. When it’s threatening to spill over and ruin everything, you do what you know best – shut it down.

Police sources have said, “On the instance of the apprehended 15-year-old, the CCC has identified five other members and called them for questioning. They have already deleted their messages and accounts. During questioning, all of them told the police… that they were added to the group by their friends from school, neighbourhood and coaching classes.”

We don’t exactly how it all went down since all the reports are all mixed but if they are to be believed then these boys deleted the OG group as soon as social media started blowing up and created a new group. Some reports say that they even added a few girls to the new group to mislead the police. If I didn’t know better, I would say that these boys went quite a long way to cover their tracks.

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But how does an Instagram group that is protected by its very members get exposed?

We know that a girl from South Delhi shared a screenshot of the group chat on social media and wrote, “A group of South Delhi guys aged 17-18 types have this ig gc named “boy’s locker room” where they objectify and morph pictures of girls their age. 2 boys from my school are part of it. MY FRIENDS AND I ARE FREAKING OUT THIS IS SO EWWW AND NOW MY MOM WANTS ME TO QUIT IG.”

But the story behind that is that an older guy caught wind of this group after one of his (girl) friends sent him screenshots of the chats. TOI quoted him saying, “She got screenshots from one of her male friends who was randomly added to that group by an unknown user. When I read the chats, I was taken aback. I didn’t know what to do with them. I was furious and wanted to speak to each and every member guy who had written such filthy messages on the group.”

He decided to track down as many girls as possible who were mentioned in that group. He told TOI that, “By Saturday we had connected 8 girls, out of whom five were minors between the ages 15 and 16. While three were above 18 and in different Delhi colleges. The girls were not connected to one another, they didn’t even know each other.”

This boy mentioned that they decided to expose these boys on Sunday by uploading the group’s chats on social media. On Monday, the girls also filed a complaint with the cyber cell, but they did it anonymously.

This case is extremely worrying and we can only hope that it becomes an example to all the other teenage boys who think they can get away with such sleazy acts.

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