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The Biggest Winners At The Oscars 2019 Were Women And That’s Worth Applauding

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The 2019 Oscars were quite the party. Especially since we saw quite a few firsts and hopefully not the last, in terms of women winning. 2019 is the year when women took centre stage at the Oscars with a record number of 15 awards!

Women, and well Billy Porter, hands down stole the show. Everybody knew Oscars didn’t have a host this time, and most of us didn’t miss them at all. In fact, most people thought it made the show much more watchable. But what was more interesting to watch was the sheer number of women that made it to the nominations and then, on to a win.

The number of nominations and the awards  was definitely looking up and diverse. From Lady Gaga to Regina King, Hannah Beachler to Melissa McCarthy and several other wins, there was so much to celebrate. Almost every category ranging from Costume design and Production design to Best animated short, had women in the nominations. While we have always believed in the power of women, the underlining of hard work with success will always be sweet. This is a wonderful reminder to women every where that are working hard all that while the winning may take time to come around, it certainly will happen.

Of course, we women don’t need anything served on a silver platter, such validation and appreciation is good to make a statement that women aren’t just doing what men are, they are doing it better.

Clearly this Oscars was one to go down in the history as queens pave the way, and oh so beautifully.


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