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Whatsapp And Siri Take Their Relationship To The Next Level With This Update

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As you may have guessed from the headline, this post is only for iOS users, so Android cuties, y’all can head over to the website to read our other awesome articles, while iPhone users, keep scrolling!

We all know that, till now, we could use Siri to type and send messages on WhatsApp, but with the new (v2.17.2) WhatsApp update, Siri will be able to read your unread messages too.

This is for those times when your hands are busy, like when you’re driving (we know what you thought!). All you have to do is command Siri to read out messages that you have not yet seen. And then reply to them.

To access this feature, update your iOS 10.3+ on your App store and start using it. But this feature can only be used for unread ones and not to re-read previously received messages.

Other updates for this version of WhatsApp, which is an 89mb file, are better visual screens for the call, group info tabs, and support for the Persian language. The update also lets you select multiple statuses in the My Update section, which you can then forward or delete.


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