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Sushmita Sen Talks About How She Survived Nepotism In The Industry, And We Love Her Optimism

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The year 2020 has probably been one of the most unpredictable, hexed and depressing ones we’ve seen in a long, long time, and for the entire world and we’re hoping that this never repeats itself. With no idea of when we will go back to some semblance of normalcy, most people have been spending their lives living in fear, hesitation and are being bogged down by a continual sense of pessimism. And while we don’t blame them for feeling down, considering everything from the corona outbreak to the news of a celebrity suicide has been exhausting to process, we do feel like the only way out of this rut is through, and by assuring yourself of the hope that is still not all lost.

And reminding us just the same has been the Aarya actress, Sushmita Sen, the former Miss Universe who can also quite easily be hailed as the queen of positivity in such bleak times. The mother of two, who has recently made a comeback on the OTT platform, with her latest release Aarya on Hotstar, was recently asked about her take on the nepotism in the industry, and her reply reassured us that indeed, it is the way we choose to look at life that makes all the difference.

After the unfortunate passing away of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, many questions are being raised about the entire film fraternity for being blatantly ignorant and nepotistic in their attitude. And several celebrities found themselves facing the wrath of angry netizens. During this time, Sushmita Sen, who entered the industry on her own merit and survived it like that as well, was asked about how she dealt with nepotism, she replied by crediting her fans for her success.

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She wrote, “By focusing on my audience.. you guys! I will continue to work as an actor as long as you want to see me. #simpleenough” and with just one line she made us reconsider the way we’ve been looking at things during such times.

And to be quite honest, she was absolutely right in saying so, because at the end of the day it is and will be the audience that make stars what they are and not the other way around. And while every industry has a sprinkle of nepotism, perhaps Bollywood has a whole lot of it, but being positive never hurt anyone.

From the moment she wanted to adopt her first girl child, to dealing with Addison’s disease to now when even at the age of 44 when she bagged the role of a lead protagonist roles in a series, her journey is proof that sometimes all you need is a positive outlook towards life. We love how utterly positive and joyous she has always been!

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