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Sridevi Told Janhvi Kapoor Her Choice In Men Was Bad And That’s Every Indian Mother Ever!

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Indian mothers has always been overly possessive yet optimistically prying in the love lives of their daughters. From who they hang out with to whose texts ring on their phones late at night, they want to be in the know of anything and everything. And isn’t that how we recognise a mother from far away? On her ability to be dismissive of any guy they see with their daughters, deeming them not good enough for their precious daughters. A concept that wasn’t just limited to our households. Because Janhvi Kapoor also shared how her mother Sridevi was of the same mindset.

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In a recent interview with the Dhadak actress, Janhvi Kapoor revealed how her mother had never trusted Janhvi’s judgement in men. A statement that we personally think tells less about Janhvi Kapoor and more about Sridevi being a mother. Janhvi further went on to say that, “She would say that she doesn’t trust my judgement in guys, that she will choose someone for me. Because I love very easily.” And to that we want to say, ‘There, there sister.’

If only we could get a penny for every time we’ve fallen in love with a guy at the drop of his first DM, we’d actually have saved enough to be able to throw ourselves a decent wedding function. And turns out, it’s the same with the young Kapoor, for she too  wears her heart on her sleeve.

Delving further into the topic of boys and marriage, Janhvi then shared a glimpse of the kind of qualities she’d want in her man to be, and modesty isn’t one of them. She shared, “He should be really talented and passionate about what he does. I need to be excited and learn something from him. A sense of humour is really important as well. And, of course, he has to be obsessed with me.”

Then quickly giving insights about her ideal wedding, Janhvi said, “I want something that’s real and intimate and close to who I am. I don’t need anything big and fancy. I already know my wedding is going to be really traditional and happen in Tirupati. I’m going to wear a Kanjeevaram zari sari and there’s going to be a full daawat after the wedding with all the South Indian food that I love idli, sambhar, curd rice, and kheer.” And honestly, we can perfectly imagine the actress tying the knot in that setting, looking as beautiful as ever.

So for all those out there who feel that they have what it takes to sweep our dear Janhvi Kapoor away, then here is your chance to go for it. Meanwhile, we’ll try and convince ourselves to the fact that our mothers may actually be right. Oh man, why must it be this way?

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