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Janhvi Kapoor Gets Trolled For Holding A Book Upside Down At A Book Launch. She Is Only Human, Cut Her Some Slack Guys!

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If were to get a penny for every time that I was clumsy, I’d probably be challenging the Ambanis and giving them pretty tough competition for their pennies. Because whether  in physicality or by way of word vomit, doing things that causes people to disown me (I am looking at you, mum) comes naturally to me. But you see, the most that happens to me after I present my clumsiness is that I get made fun of for the next couple of minutes by my friends and that is that. However, Janhvi Kapoor wasn’t offered such a kind reaction as me after she mistakenly held a book upside down at its launch.

Calling Sehmat, the book by Harinder Sikka, that had also been adapted into a fabulous movie by Meghna Gulzar, Raazi was recently launched in a Hindi version in New Delhi, by the Dhadak actress Janhvi Kapoor. Looking like a vision  in a beautiful white saree, Janhvi was all set to launch the book in the national capital. However, what she did not anticipate happening was getting brutally trolled for what was only an honest mistake.

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The actress, by sheer bad luck or we are guessing what was a moment of forgetfulnes, held the book upside down and the internet was far from forgiving to her. Out of the million pictures that had been capturing her at the event, one evidently showed her holding the book wrong and it didn’t take long for it to trend on twitter. Calling her out on her lack of respect to the literary piece of work to calling her ‘beauty with no brains’ the actress bore the brunt of some very pointless and brutal trolling.

And honestly, the only thing unflattering in the entire episode was not Janhvi Kapoor, but the spineless trolls who couldn’t cut the young actress some slack. Everyone is human, and if we were to ever to a quick audit of the number of times we have made such harmless and innocent mistakes, we’d be looking at an impressive 6 figure number. So to all the trollers out there, calm your wits and save it for another day. This could happen with anyone, and just because she has her life in the public eye, we don’t have to make a big deal about it.

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