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#SpreadPositivity: This Couple From Rajasthan Got Married Via Video Conferencing. Looks Like It’s The New Norm

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Given the current condition of the world, even thinking about having a wedding can give you a headache (or worse). Indian weddings are big and fancy and fun with a lot of people. None of that can happen right now.  Although I can’t help but feel bad for the people who spent months planning this perfect wedding only to have it rained on by a virus. But I guess, it’s a hundred times better to lose money than your life isn’t it?

A lot of the weddings have either been forcefully cancelled or postponed to the end of the year. That is the right thing to do right now if you want to keep yourself and all your guests out of harm’s way. We already have cases going up by the hour, the last thing we need right now is a big fat Indian wedding.

But despite all these warnings, if you want to get married there are a few (quirky) ways to make your love official. Just look at this couple from Rajasthan for example who had their wedding following all the social distancing protocols while their guests attended via video conferencing.

Varun Dhadhania’s wedding with Minakshi was fixed much before the wave of coronavirus hit our shores. Their families agreed to move the wedding to when this crisis gets over like all the other couples are doing. But in this case, the groom’s grandfather who hasn’t been keeping very well insisted that the wedding take place on the original date.

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The family had to take the grandfather’s wishes in consideration and the wedding took place at a temple in Jodhpur in the presence of a priest and only four relatives. Not only the grandfather but all the relatives of the bride and groom joined in on this joyous occasion through video conferencing. There was a large screen put up in the temple through which they could see the wedding ceremony.

Varun Dhadhania said, ‘‘My grandfather is quite sick and wanted that the wedding should be held on the date that had been fixed before the lockdown. So, we got married as per the original schedule but made sure that all norms of social distancing were observed during the ceremony.’’

If you are impressed by this, wait until you hear this next part. Not only did Varun and Meenakshi successfully pull off a wedding in these impossible times but Varun also donated Rs 4 lakh to PM National Relief Fund & Rs 1.01 lakh to Rajasthan CM COVID Fund.

If you are on the fence about your postponed wedding, maybe you can tear a page from their book.

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