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This Woman Started Yelling And Crying In Front Of Cops When She Was Asked For A Movement Pass. What’s With All The Drama?

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When this lockdown was initiated in our country on 24th March, there were barely 500 confirmed coronavirus cases. Exactly a month and almost 20,000 cases later here we are fighting this deadly virus, tooth and nail. Whoever thought that this lockdown meant that things were immediately going to get better, couldn’t be more wrong. This past month has been particularly hard on our country and it has left us all wishing and hoping that the underdogs (in this case, us) win.

Now, you would think that after all this time and all this turmoil, people would stop behaving like they were born immune to this disease and start following the lockdown, right? We don’t have some massive task given to us, do we? All we have to do is sit at home and not roam about pretending there isn’t a virus terrorising the world. I understand that the lockdown can get a tad bit (okay a lot) suffocating, but I would rather suffocate for two months than risk my life, wouldn’t you? Then why are people still acting out, arguing with the police and roaming the streets without an authorisation?

Look, I am not freaking out for no reason, I am fully aware of the situation. However, something tells me that a few people have missed all the thousand memos. Take a look at this woman, for instance, she not only argued with the police when they stopped her car, but she started yelling and crying hysterically.

Let me give you a little backstory. A video recently came to light showing three women going somewhere in a car. The car was intercepted cops (obviously) and they were asked for a movement pass. That’s when all hell broke loose.

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You can clearly hear her scream, “Yeh kya tamasha lagaya hua hain. What nonsense are you doing” (what kind of drama is this)? But thankfully, there was at least one sensible person in that car- the woman sitting in the backseat. She was trying to handle the driver and telling the driver that she was the one causing a scene.

After the police asked her for the papers, she began throwing her car papers out of car window. She said, “Yeh lijiye papers, yeh lijiye papers …. pareshan karke rakha hua hain” She then got off the car and began yelling in a shrill piercing voice, at the cops for doing their duty. Although the climax of this whole bizarre incident happens when she sits on the road against her car and begins weeping incomprehensibly.

What I don’t understand form this whole incident is why she behaved the way she did? If the police are asking for a movement pass and you know it’s the new norm just answer them. It can only go two ways- either you have it and they let you go, or you don’t have it and they fine you for breaking the law. Which is perfectly okay considering we are battling a pandemic?

Why was all this melodrama of the throwing and weeping needed?

Look, we are all itching to leave our houses and resume are lives again. But if we want to do that and soon, we have to stay in the house a little bit longer. We can’t behave like covidiots, we have to take some responsibility.

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