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Sonali Bendre’s Heartfelt Post About Her Son’s Future In The India Of Today Echoes Everyone’s Thoughts

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On the days that I do spend overthinking about certain things in my life, like my future, I tend to go all out. From giving my self the creative and imaginative freedom, I think about the kind of a man I’d like to marry, the number of children I’d like to have and how would we raise them. But off late, that vision of me raising kids with my husband has suddenly gotten a little too grim in my head, to the point where I may never want to have children altogether. All for the reason that world is not the place it used to be anymore. With institutions breaking down, people going after each other and forgetting what humanity and compassion is and citizens of this country are questioning everything they have believed in so far and it is safe to say that it doesn’t feel like there’s a need to bring in another child into this anarchy, if this is the current and future scenario ahead of us. A thought that has also been resonated by actress Sonali Bendre, who recently shared her fears as a parent after the cruel mob attack broke out at the JNU campus.

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Penning down a heartfelt post, the kind that tends to linger on in the mind way after you’ve read it, Sonali Bendre shared what it feels like to be a parent in this day and age. And if I were to be honest, scared is the closest adjective I’d come up with to describe it. She wrote, “As a parent as I look out at the world today and I am uncertain of what the future holds for my child. Yes, I am very disturbed – the world is on fire quite literally. What should have been a chance for an open dialogue turned into a violent push of certain ideologies. The repeated attacks on educational institutions has shaken me and young India. The rage that is building, does not bode well for all of us and I find myself unable to dismiss my fears. Myriad questions crowd my thinking, with no clear answers, Are there any?”

Introducing the Citizenship Amendment Act has not been taken well by a lot of citizens of the country, and unlike any other time, this time people are far from sitting on the sidelines and going into the night easily. They’re woke, they’re aware, they’re motivated up and more than that, they are ready. They are ready to sit through cold nights and brave the lathi charges, if it means that such idiocy will be taken down. But clearly, with the dynamics so intense from both the ends of the spectrum, this fight against CAA has brought out the worst in people.

The mob attack on the innocent students and faculty members in JNU was uncalled for, and no matter how divided the opinions of the country and its people are, attacking innocents will never be the way to go about it. Which is why, as Sonali Bendre showed her concern over the growing rage in people and their actions, we couldn’t help but side with what she had to say.

It echoes what a lot of us are feeling – a sense of foreboding. Of hopelessness.

The actress concluded her post by saying,”As we unfurl our tricolour on our 70th Republic Day, let’s pledge to stem the violence and learn to choose peace.” She also hasn’t  been the only one from the industry to express her concerns and dissent over the violence. Other big names like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu, Juhi Chawala, and many others have come up to take their stand and we are glad the voices are only getting stronger by the day, with the message getting hopefully more clearer.

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