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She’s Not An A-Lister But It’s Important That You Know That Juhi Chawla Just Lent Her Support To The CAA

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It looks like we simply cannot talk about anything else. It’s everywhere. Everyone knows about the JNU attacks, but despite the atrocities and the details that have emerged, the conversation right now is around Deepika Padukone’s presence at the protests. And we’ve been following this story pretty closely. The focus of the press and every citizen of our country is oscillating between the CAA and the JNU attacks.

Right now though, what is trending on Twitter is a little disappointing. Juhi Chawla, who was everyone’s heartthrob back in the ’90s attended a BJP pro-CAA rally which was held at Shivaji Park. “Kashmir Humara Hai” and other various chants against the “Tukde Tukde Gang” were heard at that rally.

While speaking to the media, Juhi was asked about the major protests that have been occurring in the wake of the vicious JNU attack. Reportedly, while blaming the media she said that neither she nor the public has enough information to pass judgments about it. While popular actor Dalip Tahil, who was also present at the same event said that the attack at JNU was scripted. Seriously?!

In the video clip of Juhi from that event that went viral, she is seen giving a speech about PM Modi. She begins by asking the audience, who amongst them have not taken even a single holiday in the last 5 years. The audience, taking the hint starts chanting Modi’s name. She goes on to talk about how our PM has not taken a single leave in the past five years and only works on making the country better.

This got a lot of mixed reactions from netizens. While some lauded her for supporting the CAA, most people fired out angry and disappointed tweets. Check out of the reactions people had:


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