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Sameera Reddy Climbed The Highest Peak In Karnataka With Her 2-Month-Old Daughter. What A Star

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I am an enthusiastic and adventurous traveler. I often like to tell people, telling the same stories of going on a trek to Kheer Ganga that one time and recycling the same instances, to sell myself as someone who could qualify for hard and strenuous treks in a jiffy. Except, I am nowhere close. But some one who is, and that too not alone, is the actress Sameera Reddy, who recently climbed Mullayanagiri – that is hailed as the tallest peak in Karnataka, with her two months old daughter -Nyra. And here we climb one flight of stairs and call ourselves stamina kings.

In what was a super inspiring Instagram post, Sameera Reddy shared the latest feat achieved by her, quite literally at that, which she is captioned, “Attempted climbing to Mullayanagiri with Nyra strapped on. I stopped midway because I was so out of breath! 6300 ft high. It’s the tallest peak in Karnataka! So many messages from new moms saying they are inspired to travel and I’m thrilled my travel stories are getting such a positive response. It’s very easy to feel low post baby and I’m super determined to not let it get me down. I just fed her on demand everywhere. Less fuss and easy to travel this way!”

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And honestly, it has set some major #momgoals for everyone out there, who needs a push to get out and about after having delivered a baby. Of course, Sameera too, has taken her time to recover, to get back into a routine and take on this trek, but we laud her for her enthusiasm and the will to take baby Nyra along on what is now her first ever expedition on mama’s back.

The De Dana Dan actress has also been appreciated by many of her fans, who think she is pretty cool for undertaking such an exhilarating experience and sharing it with her daughter. Before the actress began with her trek, she also posted a selfie on Insta with daughter Nyra, captioning it, “Nothing like cuddles on a vacation. got to spend some quality time with this lil guy ! So much to do in Chikmagalur! Amazing coffee plantation nature walk this morning ! Today we’re going to Mullayanagiri Peak, the highest peak in Karnataka!”

We wish we have half the enthusiasm and spirit as Sameera does now, when we bear children. But for now, we will take to standing on the sidelines and applauding as she so well deserves.

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