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Sameera Reddy’s Post For Her Daughter Nyra Turning A Month Old Is The Most Adorable Thing

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Motherhood, they say, is where all the love begins and ends and we can’t possibly disagree with that. The feeling of becoming a mother to a child is unparalleled and everything that comes after is no less than a milestone for any parent. As has been proven by Sameera Reddy, who recently gave birth to a cute little baby girl – Nyra Reddy.

The actress who had given us some dreamy mommy goals even before she delivered Nyra, being at the top of her fashion game and promoting just the right kind of messages, has recently given us another reason to gush all over her by sharing a very adorable post for her daughter turning a month old, and we honestly think it is the cutest thing we’ve seen on internet all day.

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Holding her little baby girl close to her face and captioning it, “One month already! Is the second time round easier? Absolutely not ! but soooo worth it ! #motherhood #newborn#herewegoagain” The actress once again talks about something that is relatable to mothers on so many levels. It is often assumed that once you’ve had a child before, the second time around isn’t that bad, but turns out Sameera Reddy among many others disagree, but would call it worth it and it is endearing to know that.

From talking about breast feeding struggles, to opening about post- pregnancy complications, Sameera Reddy has been giving some major inspiration to young mothers and we totally love her for it. When her daughter was born, she put up a post on Instagram with her daughter in her hand and captioned it, “This little girl gave me the strength of wild horses. She wanted me to find myself again. She knew I was lost and she showed me the way. I found a voice in celebrating motherhood, wanting change on body perception and the best part was reaching out to people to just feel good about themselves . I’m so happy that people felt so connected and supported me to get here ! We prayed for a #babygirl and we are #blessed ! #baby #pink #itsagirl #motherhood #mom #sleeplessnights #herewegoagain.”

She even put up an adorable picture of her son holding up a placard with Nyra’s name written on it, welcoming a little sister in the clan. Motherhood becomes her, clearly. And we are glad. We need such doting, aware and loving mothers around to embrace this part of ourselves and Sameera is definitely the one to look up to.

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