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Redditors Create A Thread To Discuss The Various Ways In Which They’ve Been Rejected By Rickshawalas. It’s So Bad, We’re Missing Being Rejected

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I always tell people that to qualify as a true Mumbaikar you should’ve done all these things- eaten a vada pav and pani puri by the side of the road, gotten wet in the rains while standing on the Marine Drive promenade and gone to Lonavla for a long drive. Well, it’s a long like but these are the top three checkboxes. Although the most important checkbox on the list is *drumroll please*- gotten rejected by three rickshawalas in a row and fought with one of them. 

I have lived in Mumbai all my life, it’s my home. They say that once you have lived in Mumbai, it gets very difficult to live in any other city. Do you know why? It’s simple. Mumbaikars live an extremely fast-paced life. It gets super exhausting but I doubt after this lockdown, people will wish a slow life on anyone. 

I think one thing that living in this city has taught me is how to deal with rejection. I get rejected every day at least 3 or 4 times. No, not by boys or offices but by rickshawalas. Just yesterday, I stepped out to buy groceries. I had two huge bags and it was raining. Despite seeing all the factors, I got rejected by 2 autorickshaws and 1 just passed me by as if I was invisible. I don’t know where they get all that attitude but if I had a penny for every time I have had a fight with a rickshawala about them randomly rejecting customers, well, I wouldn’t be rich but I would have a fair amount of money. 

They go where they want to go and come hail or high water, they will not budge. It sounds like good life advice but when you have to plead a rickshawala to drop you somewhere because like 20 people before him have said no, it’s not fun. Sometimes, after you have told them where you want to go, they look you dead in the eyes for like five seconds as if plotting murder. What is that all about? There are times when they decided they don’t want to go where you want to go after you’ve sat in. Ugh, I hate when that happens. Although, when you get a nod in your first try it feels like you have a superpower and can achieve anything.  

Do you know what the best part is though? Until a few minutes ago, I thought it was only Mumbai rickshawalas that drove around like they owned the roads. Turns out, compared to rickshaw guys from other cities, they are far better. Damn, I have never been more thankful to live here. 

I found out through this thread on Reddit where Redditors are talking about the nakhras of rickshawalas in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. No matter what city you live in though, you will be able to completely relate to the things they are discussing. I mean, we have all thought them at one point or another. 

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Check it out:

As relatable as this thread is, it’s making me miss life outside the four walls of my house. I can’t for the next time I step out and get rejected by a rickshawala. I might well up a little. Okay, that’s dramatic.

The rejection is a part of our lives now and the truth is, we need rickshaws. Although, it would be great if the drivers weren’t so smug about that fact all the time.

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