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What Advice Would You Give Your 18-Year-Old Self? Here’s What Twitterati Has To Say

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I usually don’t regret anything in life because I believe I have learned from my mistakes. Of course, some things we aren’t proud of but they were God’s way of facilitating our character development. Whether you believe in this or not, it’s your best bet because it’s not like you can actually go back and change anything. Especially when we were really young like say around 18 or below that, I don’t think we knew half of the things we know today. So if we knew then what we know now would things have been different?

When I was 17 or 18 I was naive like everyone else. My first heartbreak felt like the end of the world, I felt for the guy who would break my heart and marry someone else. I was too busy worrying about my exams and my career. Like most people even I thought that the course that you take and the subject you graduate in will decide how your life will turn out. When I grew up I realised the good grades I got in college did not make any difference except maybe my parents were happy. Okay scratch that – it’s difficult to please my parents.

Why am I thinking about all this right now? Because an IFS officer asked people on Twitter what advice would they give their 18-year-old self. But it had to be three words. This led to several people get downright philosophical which isn’t such a bad thing. It seems like people really have a lot to say to their younger selves because they found three words not enough. I mean, it isn’t. You can expand to your self but Twitter doesn’t need to know the whole essay.

Anyway, a lot of people wanted to tell their younger selves to not go for the profession or qualification they did. Most of them were CAs, engineers, lawyers, etc. They said they would have told their younger selves to follow their passion instead. “Engineering chhod de,” wrote a user. Honey, the grass is always greener on the other side unless you are actually making a lot of money in a creative field. Until then, it’s all regret and struggle.

A few people wanted their younger selves to not be afraid of exams. And not think too much of grades. It makes sense since for a lot of us, that was the primary thing in our lives and sometimes we got too stressed over it. A user wanted to ask her younger self to sleep more. “Sleep some more. You ain’t gonna get it in future,” she wrote.

A hell lot of people decided to give their younger selves relationship advice, mainly warning them against seeing it as forever. “Don’t love him. Katega tera,” a user wrote. Another person said, “Don’t get married..” one user got quite sentimental and her advice hits close to home. She wrote, “Forever doesn’t exist.” Aww, it didn’t then but it does.

People got all philosophical and started rolling out some really cool advice, especially this one promoting self-love. They wrote: “Love yourself unconditionally. Because teenage is the time when an individual faces self-doubt and lots of confusion regarding identity!!” Another user said, “No matter how bad it gets, “Keep Showing Up”.”

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All that is okay, but one guy who completely baffled me was this one who got all too logical. “Firstly, it is impossible to #timetravel and meet yourself back in time. So it is an invalid question which cannot be answered,” he tweeted. Where is your imagination, boy? And then you leave us hanging? PS: “Firstly” should always be followed by “secondly”.

While people reading the tweet must have facepalmed themselves, a user summarised his advise in the best possible way. He wrote, “Sab mohmaya hai !!” and nobody has been more accurate in life.

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