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Raveena Tandon Talks About How During Her Time Actresses Ceased To Be A Male Fantasy After Their Marriage. That Would Explain The Lack Of Strong Roles

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One of the things that I have come across as a pattern in guys and their guy friends, is that whenever a guy starts dating a girl, or even announces his intentions of being interested in her, she almost immediately becomes out of bounds. Turning into a sudden ‘bhabhi‘ for everyone else around and considered off limits due to what I think is a bro code, the society often labels women based on how she is related to a man. But more importantly, these labels are applied so everyone knows to not look at this woman with sleazy eyes, something that’s completely okay otherwise, apparently.  Veteran actress Raveena Tandon, who recently talked about this culture being prevalent in Bollywood too is proof that being a man’s woman in any way can greatly affect how a woman is viewed.

On one of the recent episodes of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s talk show, What Women Want 2, Raveena Tandon made an appearance to talk about all things Bollywood and the relevance of women in cinema. We also saw the two traversing through the topic of why is difficult for women to bag roles in Bollywood once they cross over 40. Tandon said, “This used to be the norm back in the day, a culture thing of sorts that once a heroine gets married, she becomes a bhabhi figure. She ceases to be a male fantasy.” And considering, that is exactly how the industry likes to perceive the women as – mere props or blobs of glamour, we do relate with her on this.

Since time immemorial, the actresses have been reduced to roles that are only meant to either embolden or entice their male counterparts, which is why back in the day, and maybe to an extent even now, the actresses would refrain from tying the knot, knowing it would have a bearing on the amount of work and the kind of roles they’d be offered. In fact, it is also the reason why many filmmakers would refrain from signing up married women, knowing that there might me a chance they would hold back from intimate scenes or roles that would be more provocative.

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Raveena Tandon then continued saying, “But now I feel that the trend has changed. Now, even our audience accepts that this is just another job. This is work for us and I think that is a good thing which has come about. So whether it is your sister Lolo or me, Kajol, Manisha or Tabu, whoever from our age group, they are still doing such phenomenal work.” She also added, “I think right now is a great time. especially, for you guys, five years down the line, you will see an even better time.” And we’d like to believe that would be true.

With women like Madhuri, Tabu and Neena Gupta and the likes of them breaking such stereotypes with performances and roles that are becoming iconic, there is still hope in the industry and with the millennial actresses taking up the charge and redefining the role of women in the industry, we are sure to see the narrative change and for the better.

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