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Raveena Tandon Is Going To Be A Nani. Wait, What? But She Looks So Young!

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‘Get off the road grandma!’ – they say it like it’s an insult. Of course, when we think about the signature grandma personality, we expect a wise wrinkled face, ripened hair and steps that have surrendered to age.  So when they say you walk like a grandma, they mean you are slow and old, but have you seen Raveena Tandon? Her daughter Chhaya is expecting a child, and we still cannot digest the fact that she is going to be a … grandmom! If this was a TV show, puja ki thaalis would have dropped everywhere!

The nani-to-be hosted a baby shower for Chhaya, who was 11 when she became a part of Raveena’s life in 1995. In 2016, she got married to Shawn Mendes, according to both Hindu and Catholic customs and it was Raveena who walked her down the aisle. Three years later, Chhaya is preggers and Raveena is like any other to-be grandmother – at least when it comes to the excitement and bliss that she has been feeling.

Raveena shared pictures from her daughter’s baby shower on social media. If you’re a Bollywood enthusiast who dedicatedly keeps a tab on the Instagram feed of the celebs – you will agree that this can win the most aww-worthy post of the year award. Unless, Vicky Kaushal decides to pose shirtless, reading a book on a couch, with a Brazilian Tabby cat on his lap. Then, for me it would be that post but until then, this wins hands down. The 90s favourite, also wrote an adorable caption for her Insta post: “My baby’s baby! Countdown has begun.” She even wore a ‘nani to be’ badge, oh-so-proudly!

We’ve seen Raveena’s sensitive side even in Nach Baliye 9 in which she has been more than generous with appreciating the depth in performances. She has even broken down during eliminations. Such a softie!

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Even nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared a few pictures from Chhaya’s baby shower and wrote: “Cheers to the Nani to be’! Many preach unselfish love but @officialraveenatandon you practice it with true passion. Was so touching to see you celebrate the baby shower of your adopted baby with such perfection and care. And @officialrashathadani you were the such a great host, compere and I’m sure a super masi to be’ So so proud of you Ravs”

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