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Rangoli Chandel Says A Temple Needs To Be Built Where Priyanka Reddy Was Burned. Why Sensationalise Such A Delicate Matter?

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In the wake of this horrible gang-rape incident that has been grabbing headlines, a lot of people have said a lot of things that can be considered offensive, sexist and just downright baseless. From the CBI director asking women to enjoy rape if they can’t stop it to some filmmaker saying women should cooperate with rapists to avoid getting murdered, it’s been every flavour of crazy.

To add to all that shit, we have our very own Rangoli Chandel who of course never has shied away from putting her opinion forward (we wish she wouldn’t, but well). According to her, the best way to honour Priyanka’s memory is to build a temple in the exact place where she was burned alive. That should solve all the problems!

In a series of tweets that Rangoli posted hours after the news of the alleged encounter broke, she said a lot of things that honestly were beyond all logic and understanding. She began by saying that real men will protect real women and that she is proud of the choices she made. Which are what, exactly?

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That isn’t even the nonsensical part. Her second tweet is where she said that since a lot of south actors have a temple, there needs to be a temple where Priyanka was burned as well. The tweet read, “I know a lot of south people make temples for film actors, I have a request, they must make a temple for Priyanka Reddy at the very place where she was burnt alive, much like devi shakti peeth where maa shakti organs fell they built temples…(contd)”

Seriously? This is such a delicate issue and she’s the sister of an actress who has a lot of clout. Why would you unnecessarily sensationalise something like this. What good is a temple going to do? Is it going to prevent other girls from getting nabbed from the street, raped and then burned alive? I highly doubt it. What I don’t understand is, why must she drag religion into this when this crime has nothing to do with anything religious?

Then came her last tweet, which nearly caused us to flip our lids. The tweet read “(contd)…family of the victim must not face prejudice, there is a younger sister her life will never be normal if we don’t give Priyanka deserved respect, please think about it Hyderabad”

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Yes, there shouldn’t be prejudice against her family and yes younger sister deserves to live a normal life. But, what prompted Rangoli to think building a temple was the way to accomplish that? Now is no time for sensationalism.

Look, Priyanka deserves justice. Whether it was served when the four accused were shot or not is a larger debate. But let’s all agree on one thing, building a temple in the same place Priyanka was burned alive is not any way of giving her justice. It is a ridiculous thought.

Having said that, we need to keep looking for solutions to prevent this from happening to any other woman. Let’s please keep the conversation going until we can finally appeal for a change, it has become vital that we prevent any more girls from become India’s daughter.

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