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Rangoli Chandel Claimed Her Shady Tweet For Malaika Arora Was Misinterpreted. Yeah, Sure.

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Yesterday, all hell broke loose because Rangoli Chandel apparently took a nasty jibe at Malaika Arora. The latter had shared a laid-back picture of her and Arhaan, her son with the caption, “When the son is being all nice and taking care of his mommy.” Rangoli shared the picture on Twitter and wrote, “This is modern Indian mother, very good.” Along with these words, she added a few clap and thumbs up emojis. Like most of her tweets, this one attracted a lot of attention too. Infamous for throwing shade at unsuspecting celebs on Twitter, Rangoli oscillates wildly going from being Kangana’s manager one minute to becoming a troll machine the next.

Of course, her tweet seemed like she is shaming Malaika Arora, for I don’t know what. She got massively called out by netizens who even demanded she take down the derogatory tweet. After all this criticism, she wrote another tweet trying to undo the damage. “Peoole are writing very mean things about Malaika, I called her a modern day mom but all the nasty things people saying about her I wonder if this picture suggesting … people please refrain from over imagination it’s not good,” Rangoli wrote.

Honestly, with the reputation she has built for herself by constantly going after celebs, I personally think she is messing with us by saying it’s the people who have an overactive imagination. I mean, I really don’t feel like Rangoli would take a screenshot and post it on her Twitter account to appreciate someone. So much effort for good vibes? Can’t expect that from Rangoli. Plus, what do you mean by modern day mom? How do you get it from a simple picture? Well yeah, Malaika is a modern day mother, and proudly so. She is breaking stereotypes. It’s amazing to be raised by an empowered mother, and I am hoping her son will grow up with similar values. But seriously, how do you get that from a picture?

Even netizens aren’t buying it. A user wrote, “Bad cover…people are writing to you to refrain from such judgemental sarcastic posts, nobody is saying anything bad for malaika. You cant play victim always… Happy to unfollow you, anyways I was following you for Kangana’s update..still a big fan of her work. Own your mistake.” This another user made a comment so hilarious I guess we can all relate (if you’ve been passionately collecting Diwali stamps  on Gpay), “This is the only Rangoli sticker i don’t want.”

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Either ways, even if Rangoli had only the best intentions at heart, this shows that she has put so much negativity out there that nobody expects it from her anymore. If this doesn’t prove she needs to tone it down then I don’t know what will. Maybe take it as a lesson?

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