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Ram Kapoor Shares A Funny Post About Asking His Wife To Make A Sandwich. Maybe Make Your Own Damn Sandwich

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Today, while routinely scrolling down my social media feed, that usually keeps happening throughout the day ( I am a dedicated, focused employee!)  I came across something that even though was pegged to be ‘ROFL’ level funny, only came across as mad annoying to me. This because actor Ram Kapoor posted a self-proclaimed hilarious post about his angry wife’s cooking. First of all, we get it. You’ve dad level jokes. The kind of jokes that people post on Whatsapp that are painfully unfunny. But then you’re a celebrity, no?

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For the unversed, it so happened that the actor recently took to his Instagram account to share a sort of a revelation he had as a husband, with his 107K followers. So the story goes, that Ram Kapoor got into some trouble and learnt it the hard way to never ask an angry wife to make you a sandwich, lest you want your meal to look like a magnified version of an eraser. He captioned the post, “Never asks an angry wife to make you a sandwich.”

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Trust me ….. I learnt this the HARD WAY!!!!! 🙄🙄

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But what got us amused, and not in a good way, was the fact that Ram Kapoor even considered going up to his wife, Gautami Kapoor, to ask her to cook for him at that point. What his learning should have been instead of finding a right time to ask his wife cook, would be to not ask her to cook at all, and learn to make his own fucking sandwich. And don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about women who cook in a marriage, it’s a choice and a responsibility that either of the partner can assume or decide to share, but isn’t it the most elementary things to know what to ask of your partner and when? 

If anything, Ram Kapoor should be glad that Gautami Kapoor did nothing more than only leave his bread high and dry, cuz his timing and expectation out of his wife were both unreasonable and irritating. No wonder the missus was angry. Which is why when we came across the post, it didn’t make us laugh as much as it made us roll our eyes. 

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Hakasan Las Vegas

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And I do acknowledge the fact that who assumes what responsibility in a marriage is extremely personal and nothing I need to have a say about, but perhaps knowing how to make a sandwich, could really come handy as a life skill one must hone, angry wife or not. The only thing missing from the narrative was Gautami coming up and saying, “kya laga, gabbar khush hoga? Sandwich dega?” Because, what else was the guy expecting anyway? Maybe next time he could shove his entitlement as one of the toppings on the sandwich that he makes himself.

Seems like the on-screen incredible husband needs a few tips on being an off-screen incredible husband, and we are sort of glad that one way or the other, he was schooled on his first lesson. Well done, Gautami!

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