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Ajay Devgan Tried To Troll Or Give A Back-Handed Compliment To Wife Kajol On Her Birthday But Failed Miserably

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Kajol is 45 years old today. Yes, I will wait till you pick your jaw off the floor. This woman makes ageing look like it doesn’t happen. And here’s a woman who hasn’t been ever bogged down by the demands of the industry. When skinny, flat tummies were in fashion and every actress wanted washboard abs, Kajol was her fit but sexy, curvaceous self. When it was a given that all actresses would be plucked and hairless within an inch of themselves, Kajol rocked the unibrow unapologetically. So if you were looking for inspiration, she’s serving it up by the dollops.

So, it’s her birthday today and she wished herself with lots of positivity and happiness on her own Instagram page.

And while it was sweet, it was also a little cryptic. The bit about being a reason to not smile, yeah that has us confused. Why would Kajol not have a reason to smile. Then, we were gently steered in the direction of Ajay Devgan’s account, where he wished her as well and we kind of understood. Maybe it’s because her husband made such bad jokes.

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He put out a lovely wish, telling Kajol that she doesn’t need her beauty sleep. We imagine this is because he was trying to give her a back-handed compliment about being beautiful and that she doesn’t look her age at all but it fell quite flat and frankly, no one except perhaps the people paid to do it, found it funny. But because Kajol is a great wife and a wonderful human, she retorted in the comments section. “I’m awake . Just found out Yug doesn’t have school. Its holidays all around ?”

Such parent-type talk. It’s hilarious. Or not. Point being, we don’t know if Ajay was trying to compliment Kajol but he did a bad job of it. Maybe they should take lessons from the likes of Deepika and Ranveer or Arjun and Malaika whose banter will have you at least crack a smile. Because if this is anything to go by, this is a hard pass from us.

Also, if someone could tell us how to look at good as Kajol at 45, we would appreciate it very much, thanks.

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