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An Obsessive Lover Killed A Girl And People Are Blaming Kabir Singh For It. Even We Think It’s Ridiculous

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Those who follow Hauterfly’s articles regularly would know that we absolutely don’t support Kabir Singh. Each time a conversation is sparked around the subject, we feel compelled to add our two cents to it. It’s an itch we can’t help but scratch. But for the first time, we are actually not blaming Kabir Singh – at least not for the murder Tik Tok personality Johnny Dada aka Ashwani Kumar committed. Usually, we would want to say, ‘We told you so!’ but this time, the movie is being held responsbile for crime and even though we despise everything this movie stands for, this time, it may have gone too far.

Let’s loop you in on what happened. Ashwani Kumar, was obsessed with Nikita Sharma, a Dubai-based flight attendant. However, the feeling remained unrequited and she was all set to marry someone else in December. Now, that left Kumar feeling all agitated and he ended up killing her. After that, he killed himself. Now, we’ve heard of several obsessive lovers with poor mental health, destroying the object of their affection. But the reason, Kabir Singh is being dragged in the picture is that this guy’s TikTok profile is full of dialogues from the film. He even lip-synced the dialogue, “Jo Mera Nahin Ho Sakta, Usse Kisi Aur Ke Hone Ka Mauka Nahin Doonga.

For the first time in the history of the Kabir Singh debate, we actually agree with Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s statement. He spoke about how the movie doesn’t endorse murder. He further added that people like Ashwani don’t get inspired and commit crimes but rather find ways to justify themselves in their head. “If you see Shahid’s character in the film, he is a self-destructive person who is harming himself more than anyone else,” Vanga said.

Interestingly, Kumar was already in police’s wanted list for three murders in Uttar Pradesh. I mean, seriously we can’t blame Kabir Singh for this. The thing is, we often seek ways to validate our feelings and actions, especially when we have this inner voice that’s trying to tell us we’re wrong. We like to relate – and yes, Kabir Singh is a character that probably reflected the obsession he felt for the girl. But then again, even in the movie,  Kabir doesn’t murder Preeti.

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The thing is, your perception largely depends on your mental health. When Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna had released, people blamed the movie for a spike in infidelity and divorces. But that’s clearly just a way for people to justify their actions. If you’re a cheater, you will seek that. Like how people joined the army after watching Vicky Kaushal’s Uri – they always had the patriot in them. One movie cannot change you completely! So maybe instead of blaming a movie for your actions, reflect on who you are. Like, hell, why did nobody become a boxer after watching Mary Kom?

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