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Pooja Bhatt Shares A Message On Social Media About Her Battle With Alcoholism And Her Sobriety. It’s Something Everyone Should Read

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Instagram is all about frills, filters and pretty things. People try to keep things as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Everywhere you look it’s happy faces, good food, motivational quotes and hilarious memes. No one is ever completely raw on social media. No one wants to talk about the unpleasant things in life on such a public platform. Which why, on the rare occasion that a celebrity, like Pooja Bhatt, talks about her life and her struggle with alcoholism in the most candid way possible you sit up and listen to what she has to say.  

Addictions have been stigmatized and shamed for a very long time. People suffering from them usually feel alone and ostracized from society. Pooja Bhatt suffered from alcoholism since she was 16 years old. Her father, Mahesh Bhatt gave her the motivation she needed to quit the bottle. Today, however, she is three years and nine months sober. The Sadak 2 actress has always been exceptionally open about her addiction and recovery. I am in complete awe of her courage and candidness. 

To mark her three years and nine months of sobriety, Pooja took to her Instagram to share yet another motivational and open message about her battle with the bottle. 

She wrote, “’Three years & nine months sober today. One more quarter and I will be four As someone who drank openly, I chose to recover openly. I truly felt it was important to share my journey to tell others, women especially, who might be struggling that they are not alone & if I could do it so could they. Was ridiculed by some but lauded for being courageous by most. I wondered why people termed speaking openly about addiction issues courageous. And also why there is an ‘anonymous’ attached to groups that help you recover. I understand more than ever today that it’s because people simplify/stigmatise addictive behaviour & tend to criminalise it without attempting to understand why someone used a substance, to begin with.”

Further adding, ”Alcohol is a drug and was my drug of choice. Just because it is socially acceptable does not mean it is not. I have had to make more excuses for NOT drinking in the last few yrs than I ever have for drinking-to friends, foes and ‘well’ meaning acquaintances alike. A fractured society can only heal & evolve when we attempt to ‘understand’ instead of constantly standing in judgement. When we empathise instead of vilifying. Until then and even beyond, I will continue to speak from a place of compassion & truth, in the hope that there is ONE person out there I could goad to start on their own journey of sobriety and stay on their path. So help me God! #sobrietyrocks #eachonereachone #eachonehealone #onedayatatime #onestepatatime #youarenotalone”. 

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I think Pooja is one of the very few actresses who opened up about something as sensitive as alcoholism without any qualms. Through social media, she has always tried to spread the correct kind of awareness and knowledge that people need to have about alcoholism or addiction in general. It’s a very essential topic but it’s rarely talked about openly because of the taboo attached to the word ‘addiction’. Pooja is doing her part in de-stigmatising and normalising a phenomenon that thousands of people wrestle with every day.

It’s become essential now more than ever before to talk about addictions. With everything that is happening in the world right now, a lot of people are being forced their worst nightmares. We need more celebrities like Pooja who don’t shy away from raising their voices and keeping it raw and real.

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