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Pooja Bhatt Completed Three Years Of Sobriety And She Talked About It Instagram. She’s The Only One Keeping It Real

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There is no denying that Bollywood celebrities have had a massive impact on all our lives. This was true even before social media took over. I was very young when I saw Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham for the first time and for a whole month after that I behaved like Poo, I even begged my parents for a room exactly like hers. Of course, that did not happen. My point is, Bollywood has been influencing the way we look at situations for a very long time. Now, after social media has taken over that statement is truer than ever before.

We can not only live through celebs vicariously but also when they speak for or against a cause, we listen. This has made people more sensitive and open-minded about topics that were considered taboo for the longest time. For instance, without social media, we would’ve never known about the extent of Deepika Padukone’s battle with depression. If she didn’t have the platform to speak about it, her foundation and the support she was offering people going through the same thing wouldn’t have been amplified in this manner.

Similarly, we are in complete awe of Pooja Bhatt who has completed three years of sobriety today. She took to Instagram once again to express her gratitude towards everyone who has helped her through her battle against alcoholism. Quoting the Bible, her caption read, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32) Three years sober today. Gratitude to the universe & the hand that guides me. Grateful for this new life, for new perspective and renewed capacity to look myself & life squarely in the eye.”

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Pooja has been one of very few celebrities who spoke about her addiction before social media took over the scene. She took to the bottle at the tender age of 16 and quit three years ago after her father Mahesh Bhatt nudged her into quitting. Since then she has never shied away from addressing her addiction. Her candid openness about it is truly an inspiration because it is a testament to her courage. She also addressed alcoholism by bringing it out in the open and talking about it like a very serious, real issue that millions of people around the world face.

Often, the world of Instagram is all about filter and pretty things. No one is raw, no one wants to talk about unpleasant things. It’s all hearts and rainbows. So when Pooja Bhatt talks about important things, you sit up and pay attention. And this certainly needs to be talked about.

Another reason I feel that is vital to have people like Pooja, who don’t mute their voices is that now we have movies that are glorifying alcoholism and drug abuse. Look at Kabir Singh for instance, a movie that promotes alcoholism and toxic masculinity. In a scenario like this, it because extremely relevant and necessary to have someone who has actually fought the battle and emerged victorious to speak up. Thank you, Pooja! I really respect and adore her. It is really amazing that despite being through such hard times, her social media handles are more real and raw than any other celebrity.

Congratulations on completing three years of sobriety Pooja. More power to you!

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