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Our National Data Of Crimes In 2019 Has Recorded 87 Rape Cases On An Average Per Day. This Is Extremely Alarming

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We have had multiple conversations about how the media today has skewed priorities. From the way SSR’s death was covered to this whole Bollywood drug crackdown, it’s a royal mess. The worst part is that in the midst of all this nonsense that is spewing, our media has forgotten to cover news that actually needs coverage. The Hathras gangrape case, for instance. No one spoke as passionately about it until the victim passed away yesterday. Things like gang rape and the increase in domestic violence cases aren’t being spoken about. Why?! Today, I want to tell you why this spike in crimes against women needs our attention. Did you know that India has recorded an average of 87 rape cases every day and 4,05,861 cases of crimes against women have been recorded in 2019? Yeah. Do you still think Deepika Padukone’s WhatsApp chats is more important?  

It’s no secret that crimes against women in our country have spiked up. We hear of one rape case every 2-3 days. The NCW and the UN have said that domestic violence is a shadow pandemic. However, we have treated this problem very lightly. And now, women in India are not safe anywhere. Not in their homes, or on the streets and definitely not in public places. When I read this report in the morning, I was shaken up. It got me thinking, why aren’t people paying more attention to this crisis? Why isn’t the safety of our women a priority? The numbers are truly staggering. 

Let me elaborate. The “Crimes in India -2019” report shows that crimes against women have gone up by 7.3 per cent last year. The crime rate registered per lakh women population is 62.4 per cent in 2019, up from the 58.8 per cent figure of 2018. These statistics are the reflection of our society’s treatment towards women. 

In 2019, we recorded an average of 87 rapes per day. It’s high time our authorities do something to combat this problem. Don’t you agree? It’s an epidemic in itself. 

If you look at the data from corresponding years, in 2018, 33,356 rapes were recorded across the country. This is up from 32,559 cases recorded in 2017. 

The NCRB data for 2019 showed, “Majority of these cases under the Indian Penal Code were registered under ‘cruelty by husband or his relatives’ (30.9 per cent) followed by ‘Assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty’ (21.8 per cent), ‘kidnapping and abduction of women’ (17.9 per cent).” 

Not only women, but the NCRB has also recorded a spike in cases related to crimes against children. They have gone up by 4.5% in 2019. 

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According to the report, a total of 1.48 lakh cases of crime against children were registered in 2019, of which 46.6 per cent were cases of kidnapping and 35.3 per cent cases were related to sexual offences. 

This report makes it very clear that cases of violence against women and children are spiralling out of control. This report is as alarming as it is eye-opening. We need stronger laws, police officers who are trained particularly to deal with cases of rape and assault and media who understands why the increasing rapes in our country are more important news than where did Deepika get her “maal” from. 

Can we for once focus on women safety? Let me remind you that the report records 87 rapes per day on an average. It’s terrifying.

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