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Four Men Brutally Raped A Woman, Cut Her Tongue And Attempted To Kill Her. Today, She Died

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We’ve come to a point where our realities are starting to blur and merge. We at Hauterfly read about gang rapes so often and often hear such ghastly details, it’s alarming. Like this story of a girl from Hathras in UP who was gang raped by four men. And this morning, after valiantly fighting to survive, the girl died. The girl was only 19 and was a Dalit. Now, we don’t want to comment on the caste politics, that being the least of our worries. But we certainly want to talk about the lack of action when it comes to women’s safety.

Since morning, #nirbhaya is trending on Twitter and with good reason. The Nirbhaya fund is lying unused or being used in ways we are not aware. Has women’s safety seen any improvement? Positively no. So what are we doing? Why are we failing with women in our country so badly. On September 14th, the girl was attacked, raped and tortured by four men who are in jail now. This morning, she passed away.

As details of the Hathras rape emerge, it’s evident that we simply do not care for our women. On the day, the girl was dragged by her dupatta into the fields where the attack took place. Her brother told NDTV, “My mother, sister and elder brother had gone to a field to get some grass. My brother went home earlier with a large bundle of grass, while my mother and sister continued to cut them. The women were a little far from each other. Four-five people came from behind, they threw my sister’s dupatta around her neck and dragged her inside the bajra field.”

Several reports suggest that she was found severely injured with cuts to her tongue, bones in her neck broken and several attempts were made to strangulate her.

The family of the victim has accused the police and authorities of being slow in taking action, not arresting the criminals and even lapses in medical attention.  However, this has been denied the the authorities and the the 4 accused are now in jail.

UP has a dubious record right now. We’ve written about 3 gang rapes in the state just this month. And people are rightfully asking, what about the Nirbhaya fund? Beti Bachao? Where? What are we doing?

With the Hathras rape, there have been several questions about the lack of agitation around this incident- is it because she was a Dalit girl or worryingly still, have we heard of so many cases that we are becoming less sensitive to these things?

It should scare the living daylights out of us if it’s the latter.

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