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On International Men’s Day, Here Are All The Men Who Have Made Us Proud This Year

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It is often misconstrued that feminists hate men. It is simply assumed, that any and every woman fighting for women’s rights is either indifferent or totally averse to the idea of co-existing in a world with men altogether. And while we may have had our qualms about living in a world with monsters disguised as men, we know for a fact that not every man out there is out to get us or put us down. Not every man out there is insecure of watching a fellow woman succeed. And not every man out there is an indecent prick.

In fact, over the past few years as most of us have been consumed with fighting patriarchy and chauvinistic men, we may have overlooked some genuinely decent, respectful guys.  These are the men that have proven to us that one rotten apple may not always spoil the barrel. And so on International Men’s Day, we take a moment to recall all the men and the times, that they made us proud this year…

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood may have been previously known for playing irksome villainous characters, but during the pandemic, he has emerged as a true hero of the people. Like when he flew 151 migrant women to their villages in a chartered plane. He’s got our heart for having the biggest heart and being the most compassionate.


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Pushpak Sen

For those of you who couldn’t get in on his savage reply, this man took to social media a while back to school a few relatives who tried to shame his mother for wearing a bold red lipstick. Not like they had any business commenting on a woman’s makeup choices, but considering that is one thing our society particularly enjoys, their slut-shaming comments poured in incessantly. But standing up to all of them was Pushpak Sen, who gave it back to these relatives by posting a powerful caption accompanied with a picture of himself in a bold red lipstick.


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Virat Kohli

Not that him being a perfect prototype for a man is any surprise, but little did we know that it keeps getting better. Virat Kohli recently got us all mushy when he showed he was a doting husband and father-to-be when he decided to absent from the last three test matches against Australia in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, to be next to his wife in time for the delivery of his baby. His paternity leave sparked an important dialogue that gave the men all around an insight into how it takes very little to promote equality in a healthy relationship.

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Ryan Morrison – Miyoshi

This man from San Francisco recently got married to the love of his life and set an incredible precedent when he decided to take the last of his wife after getting married. Going against the sexist tradition of having the woman give up her name to take her husband’s, Ryan proved to us that what matters more than blindly following into patriarchal notions is personal choice, love and understanding. And we only hope, we find more men like him amongst us!

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

In a world where men are born into privilege and with that, a certain sense of entitlement that becomes harder and harder to shake off, we believe it takes courage and a sound mind, to be able to call out one’s self for it. On top of that, to acknowledge and address gender inequality, it takes a solid man. Especially as he sits in a position of influence and power. As was the case with UN Secretary -General Antonio Guterres, who went ahead and said that ‘women’s inequality should shame us all in the 21st century’. We need more woke men like him!

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