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Nirbhaya Case Update: The Four Convicts Have Finally Been Executed And For Every Woman In India, This Feels Like Justice

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It has been almost eight years since Nirbhaya was gang-raped and murdered by six men on a moving bus. I remember the night this story broke, I was so scared not only for Jyoti Singh and her family but because I saw my own mother weeping in front of the TV. At the time, I didn’t fully comprehend why but the more I read about the case the more it made my blood boil.

We at Hauterfly, have been following this case and its trial to the letter. As heinous as the act was, the trial and conviction was equally complex and brutal. Which is why it feels so amazing to tell you’ll this. The day we have all been eagerly waiting for has arrived, the four remaining convicts- Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta have finally been executed.

Believe it guys because it’s finally happened and somehow it feels just like closure. But before I go into the details of this extremely awaited execution, allow me to provide you with a little brief on what’s happened in this case until now.

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16th December 2012 was a cold winter night in Delhi when Jyoti Singh and a friend of hers caught a bus to reach home. Little did she know that that one the bus ride would affect every single woman in India. The six men who were aboard that bus raped her so brutally that it sent shockwaves through the country. Overnight there were women from all across the country taking to the streets to protest against this inhuman crime.

Jyoti was given the name Nirbhaya and she lost the battle of life on 29th December in a hospital in Singapore. Out of the six monsters that killed her, one was a juvenile, so he was let go after three years in a remand home. The rest of them were awarded a black warrant aka a death sentence. A little while after they were sentenced to be executed, Ram Singh, the fifth accused committed suicide.

Now, we fast forward to early 2020 when the four remaining convicts were issued the first date of their hanging- 22nd January. Obviously, they were not hanged that day and to everyone’s dismay, they successfully managed to evade the noose three times after that. They exploited every loophole in the book and bent every law to delay their execution. Their plan was simple, every time the date comes closer, they would file a petition or a plea to push it forward. Once it was put into force, it worked perfectly well four times and then they ran out of pleas to file.

But despite all their desperate attempts to frustrate the law, in the end, justice prevailed. It feels so good to know that those four will never walk the streets again. They will never be able to attack another woman so viciously and leave her to die by the side of the road. There is this sense of relief, I think that I feel after knowing that these four are no more and I never have to write about them ever again.

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While the facts are just that, the emotions were running high. The convicts were hung at 5:30am. Due procedure was followed. This is the first time in independent India that four convicts have been hung together. There was a complete lockdown at Tihar Jail, none of the other convicts were allowed to step out of their cell before 6am. As the time to the hanging drew closer, people who had gathered around Tihar did a countdown. Sure, death should not be celebrated but for many people (including us) this was just closure. As the news of the hanging was announced, there was a celebratory clap.

Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mom, said, ” We’ve got justice. Nirbhaya and the daughters of the country of got justice. We want to thank everyone for their constant support. The delay tactics used in this case shook our faith in the law but it has now been restored. Whenever the convicts filed pleas, they were dismissed promptly. I am known as Nirbhaya’s mother. If she were alive, I would be known as a doctor’s mother.”

Nirbhaya’s father also spoke. He said. ” As a father, it is my duty to ask for justice. I ask all fathers to treat their daughters and sons equal and be a father in the true sense of the word.”

I hope this case stands as strong precedence against all future rape cases. I hope that the execution of these four men will be an example to all men of the fact that all their actions have consequences. Women have lived in fear for so long, maybe this execution can make it just a little better.

I can’t express how happy this makes me. To know that even though we are seven years late, Asha Devi can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that her daughter’s rapists got exactly what they deserved.

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