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Nirbhaya Case Update: The Convicts Write A Letter To The International Court Of Justice. But It Won’t Work

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For the life of me, I can’t fathom how the Nirbhaya convicts feel no guilt whatsoever after committing the worst gang-rape and murder India has ever seen. How entirely inhuman do you have to be to feel zero remorse after beating up, torturing, raping, gutting and throwing a 23-year-old woman off a bus? Just thinking about it sickens me and makes my blood boil all at the same time.

The four convicts- Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur were found guilty and were awarded with black warrants in 2013. They lived out eight years of their life on death row before a Delhi court finally got around to awarding them with an execution date -January 22nd. Just in case you have missed the entire trial, that was the first of four dates. I think it is safe to say it has been a bumpy ride for all of us wishing justice would prevail for Nirbhaya.

The convicts have played an extremely smart game of cat and mouse with the law, using and abusing every loophole available to them. Basically, they took advantage of the fact that our law states all four of them must hang together. In an attempt to frustrate the law, every time their due date came closer, one of them would file a mercy plea and delay it. It was the same vicious circle over and over until all four of them had run out of pleas to file.

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Finally, after the President rejected the mercy plea of fourth convict Pawan Gupta the court issued them to be executed on 20th March at 5:30 am. Though this is good news since they have no means of delaying left, knowing the convicts and their lawyers (especially AP Singh), one can only expect they would try by hook or by crook to overturn their conviction.

And that is exactly what they are doing, and it gives me a certain joy to see every single one of their ridiculous ploys being turned down as they get closer to the noose. But this time, in what seems like a seriously desperate move, they’ve pushed it too far.

Three of them- Akshay, Vinay and Pawan have approached the International Court of Justice seeking a stay order on their impending execution. This is the most ridiculous attempt to date because the ICJ has absolutely no jurisdiction in the Nirbhaya matter.

The ICJ is the primary judicial organ of the United Nations and it settles disputes between two countries. Unless there is another country that is involved in the Nirbhaya case that we don’t know about, I do not understand what made them think the ICJ could take any action. Besides, I personally believe there is no court in the world that would overturn their sentence.

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Meanwhile, earlier today the Supreme Court rejected Mukesh’s plea to restore all his legal remedies. He had alleged that his lawyers had misled him into filing his last legal remedies. This too seemed like a frantically vain move on Mukesh’s part to save his life.

While all this was unnecessary drama was underway, the families namely the parents, siblings and children of the convicts tried to emotionally blackmail the President into overturning or at least putting a stay order on the execution. They wrote a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind asking him for euthanasia.

The letter read, “We request you (President) and the parents of the victim to accept our request and give us permission for euthanasia and stop any crime from happening in the future so that another incident like Nirbhaya doesn’t happen and the court doesn’t have to hang five people in place of one. In our country, even “Mahapapi” (great sinners) are forgiven. Revenge is not the definition of power. There is power in forgiving.” It also said that there is no crime that can’t be forgiven.

So, their sons go out and brutally gang rape and murder a woman and instead of doing the right thing they want forgiveness? This move is obviously the brainchild of either the convicts or the lawyer as a last-minute attempt to save their lives. On what grounds are they saying all crimes can be forgiven? They are trying to say that men can just brutally rape and murder women and be forgiven for it. Seriously why can’t they families just accept what these men did was horrible, and it should never happen to any woman again?

This has gone on for far too long and it needs to come to a close now! There is nothing they can do or any card they can play that can save them from facing the consequences of their horrid actions.

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