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Nirbhaya Case Update: March 3rd Set As The New Date For The Execution Of The Four Convicts

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An incident that took place 8 years ago, in the forsaken streets of Munirka, Delhi had left the entire nation in gut wrenching pain as Jyoti Singh, also known as Nirbhaya, was gang raped, gutted and left on the street to die. Years later, when we think about it, we get goosebumps as anger, helplessness and fear leave us with a lump in our throats. We feel both scared and enraged and one would think that at this point, 8 years into that incident, things would have changed. For the better, one might even say. But we couldn’t be more wrong, for it’s 2020 and the 4 convicts of the Nirbhaya Rape case are still alive, with their death warrant having been postponed twice.

First the date for their hanging was 22nd January and then it was postponed to 1st February. We were losing hope and were rather convinced that till the time they are being granted even the courtesy of consideration of their mercy pleas, justice would never be served. But looks like, with another date on the table for their long impending execution, March 3rd might just be the day when the four monsters would be annihilated once and for all.

As the Delhi court releases the new death warrant, it specifies that the four convicts – Vinay, Mukesh, Pawan, and Akshay – will be executed at 6 AM in Tihar jail. In fact, earlier in the day, it was informed that one of the convicts, Mukesh Kumar Singh told that he didn’t want to be represented by his advocate Vrinda Grover and was appointed advocate Ravi Qazi as his counsel. It was also shared how another convict, Vinay Sharma was on a hunger strike in the Tihar Jail after he was assaulted in the jail and suffered head injuries.

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Pawan Gupta is the only one convict left among the four to not have exercised his right to a curative petition yet, which is said to be the last legal remedy left available to a convict in such a situation. He is also left with the option of pleading for mercy, and apparently Akshay Thakur’s counsel has already prepared a fresh plea of mercy to move before the President. However, the court was hearing the applications from Jyoti Singh’s parents and that is when the Supreme Court granted liberty to issue death warrants for a new date.

The fresh date of execution was issued by Additional Session Judge Dharmender Rana, at the Patiala court house and we hope to God this one stays and doesn’t get further postponed. Nirbhaya’s mother, upon hearing this remarked, “The date has been finally issued, but I am not very happy because this is the third time that the date had to be announced due to postponements. I am hopeful that the convicts will be hanged on March 3.” We can only imagine the urgency with which Jyoti’s parents would be sitting to see their daughter’s rapists and murderers get their dues.

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