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Nirbhaya Case Update: Vinay Sharma Asks Court For Justice Claiming He Was Tortured In Jail. What An Irony

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We have been following the Nirbhaya case extremely closely and here is what we have learned- our judiciary is…we don’t even know. Nirbhaya passed away in 2012, the convicts were issued a death warrant in 2013, their hanging date was set as 22nd January 2020 and then on 1st February. Between all that, the convicts have availed every single remedy available to them and have gone out of their way to mess with the court to avoid the noose.

I don’t understand what is so difficult about this case, why does it keep getting more and more convoluted? What these four men was beyond monstrous, it became the reason women were afraid to leave their homes at night for the longest time. The Nirbhaya case will go down as one of the worst crimes ever committed in the history of our country. This is no secret, it isn’t even news everyone knows this, then why is it taking so long for them to come to a goddamned conclusion?

Alright before I keep ranting, I should tell you’ll why I am I seeing red today. Earlier today, the Supreme Court reserved its order on the petition filed by convict Vinay Sharma challenging the rejection of his mercy plea by the President.

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While the order will be heard tomorrow at 2 pm, Vinay’s lawyer AP Singh argued that he was illegally kept in solitary confinement and tortured in Tihar jail. He said, “Vinay Sharma was kept in illegal confinement. He was illegally tortured in Tihar jail prison. I am here only to seek justice, where can I go for justice? That is why I am pleading here before the Supreme Court for justice.”

There is such a strong irony in his statements about justice. Vinay wants justice against being tortured, what about justice for the woman he brutally raped and left on the side of the road, naked to die? What about Asha Devi’s pleas for justice?  Some audacity he has, talking about justice. Instead of being grateful that he is still breathing and maybe showing a little remorse after what he has done, it is unbelievable that he is asking the court for “justice”.

While the government has rejected his claims, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said, “He was not kept in solitary confinement as argued by advocate AP Singh. There is limited scope of judicial review as the President of India had rejected the mercy petition after duly considering and applying his mind.”

There is something else I realised; Vinay is copying that same tactic Mukesh played while challenging the rejection of his mercy plea. Mukesh too claimed that he was thrown into solitary confinement illegally, beaten up and even sexually abused. Now, we don’t know if these claims are legit or these men are just following each other’s footsteps to toy with the system. What we do know is that no matter what happened to them, its not even one percent of what they did to 23-year-old Jyoti Singh.

It is kind of disgusting that they think they’re the ones in need of justice. I really wish the court just gives an execution date once and for all and this whole thing is put to bed because let’s be honest, with Asha Devi breaking down yesterday, we are losing hope.

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But the Supreme Court today has adjourned this matter until Monday. They will also decide on the Centre’s plea asking if the convicts can be hung separately. The law states that convicts of the same crime can’t be hung separately considering the mental anguish it puts them through, but I am really hoping an exception is made in this case.

Not only that, the SC has also appointed senior advocate Anjana Prakash to represent Pawan Gupta who claimed he had no legal aid. Yep, a woman is going defend one of India’s most hated rapists. Pawan is also the only convict who still has the option of a curative petition and even a mercy plea.

This war has gone on for far too long, hope is bleak, and the end seems nowhere close.

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