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Nick Jonas’s Picture Of Him Smoking A Cigar Got People Worried For Him. We Think People Need To Calm Down With The Fake Concern

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If I were a celebrity, I would be entertained just by the thought of how involved and concerned people are about my life. Like I am just going about my travel plans, carrying my luggage and people will praise me like I have saved a child from drowning. I could be leaving a heart as a comment on my bae’s post and everyone would go crazy about our digital PDA. But then again, imagine being caught in an embarrassing moment, like slipping on a flat surface and falling face down! Recently, Nick shared a picture of him with a cigar on Instagram and the netizens were really concerned. You know, because this affects them at a personal level.

Several people called him out for smoking and the comments section became an anti-smoking campaign, specifically made to get Nick to quit. And this is not coming from a place of hate. People are so “concerned” because they love him while he doesn’t know of their existence. “I love Nick Jonas but there is nothing cool about smoking,” a user wrote. Another too said the same thing basically: “Love you, but hate the cancer stick.”

Some went on to remind him that he has diabetes. “No, Nick, you have diabetes,” a user commented. A lot of users reacted as if they were trying to get their boyfriend to quit smoking except Nick is not aware about being in a relationship with any of them. Someone said, “I know you must get this a lot and it’s not of our business but everytime I see you smoking a cigar I worry about your diabetes that’s only cause I love you hope you understand that heheh.”

Like I understand, you don’t support smoking but he is an adult who is posing for a cigar magazine, T Cigar Aficionado. Did you expect him to be sitting there with an ice-candy? Also, as much as you love him, he doesn’t belong to us. But all the care and concern was cute and hilarious!

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Priyanka Chopra, had opened up about being diagnosed with asthma. Ironically, she was also trolled for being spotted smoking during a vacation. “Yummy,” she commented on Nick’s picture. Nick has also recently launched his Tequila brand Villa One along with designer John Varvatos. The boy likes to indulge sometimes. I say, let him be!


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