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Priyanka Chopra Smoking In Front of Mother Is So Unrelatable. Our Mother’s Would Sunao Us!

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My mother and I are very close. Ever since I was a little girl, she has made all sorts of efforts to stay involved in my life and be there for me. And even though that whole ‘I am your bestfriend’ approach went a little sour in adolescence, somewhere between sharing who I go on dates with to occasionally going out with drinks with her, she became my confidante. But even then, there are and will always be certain things that I will not indulge in, in front of my  mother. You know, partly out of fear and partly out of respect. Priyanka Chopra on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

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Having turned 37 just last week, the The Sky Is Pink actress was spotted celebrating her birthday with friends and family in Miami. And midst all that jazzy sequin dress and 5-tiered cake drama, the actress was caught on camera, smoking a cigarette on a yacht with mommy Chopra right in front of her, smoking a cigar herself.

Now it’s no news that celebrities would have their own indulgences, especially during their birthdays. But what particularly did not sit right with many netizens was the fact that the actress who only last year had been actively promoting no-pollution campaigns and even stepped up to share how she’s been an asthma patient since she was 5 years old. Several trolls got agitated,  calling the actress a ‘hypocrite’, for such mismatch of words and actions. A similar reaction had made rounds when the actress had several firecrackers to celebrate her wedding after she’d outrightly condemned the use of them on Diwali. Double standards, much?

So naturally when this picture of her enjoying a smoke surfaced, people had their reservations about trusting anything the global superstar had said or promoted previously. But what caused our eyebrows to go up was not that the actress was enjoying a cigarette, she only is human and don’t we all succumb to our desires sometime or the other? But the fact that she was doing so in front of and in the company of her mother. Now, no matter how buddy-like my mom gets with me, or how many bottles of wine we finish over dinner, there will still be certain things that I wouldn’t want her to be privy to. And smoking kind of sits amongst the top 5 on the list. Not only Madhu Chopra is there with her daughter, but also enjoying her own cigar in her son-in-law’s company and we’ll be honest here, that is something we can’t ever relate to. 

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And it’s not even about being regressive or progressive here. My mother, in a similar situation, would have the same kind of a reaction for both me and my brother, if the situation ever arises. Which I hope it never does. So while we want to understand why you’d smoke PeCee, we still don’t understand why you’d feel comfortable to do it in front of your mom. We would get a earful from our mom- even though she knows we smoke and drink!


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