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Neha Dhupia Gets Trolled For Siding With A Girl Who Cheated On Her Boyfriend With 5 Guys. We’re Not Sure About This

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One of the most closely watched people on this planet are Bollywood celebrities. They are scrutinised on every appearance they make, every word they utter, every time they exhale. Celebrities in India, or all around, are perhaps living a rather real-time version of the Big Boss house, where they are judged on everything that they do. And while that can be a blessing in terms of having a large following at their disposal to influence, it can also come as quite a problem, when that very following starts to pick on you for your controversial statements and turn them into meme fodder.

We say this after Neha Dhupia became the fodder for memes, after she said what is being called by many a ‘controversial’ and rather ‘hypocritical’ statement, during the auditions of the infamous reality show, Roadies Revolution. A show, where Dhupia has made her appearance as a judge, alongside of celebrities like Rannvijay Singha, Prince Narula, Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa, recently made it to the headlines for a certain conversation that went down between Neha and a contestant who was auditioning for the current season.

In a video that is now viral, we can see Neha Dhupia get into a heated discussion with a guy, who is narrating a story of how he got cheated on by his girl. Telling the judges about how his girlfriend cheated on him, with 4 other guys, the contestant went on to share his anger and revealed that upon learning the truth, he slapped his girlfriend, saying how what she did was wrong and unacceptable.

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Meanwhile, patiently listening to the guy rant, Neha then slammed him for being violent with his girl. She said, and this is where it all gets messy and blurry, that, if she had 5 boyfriends at one time then that was her choice, and maybe the problem lies with the guy. She then further slammed the guy as she continued saying how he has no right whatsoever to slap a girl.

The netizens meanwhile, not having digested what they call the ‘hypocrisy’ at her end, in turn trolled the former actress for her double standards and went all out in trashing her on social media. They dropped in comments such as, “@NehaDhupia having 5 boyfriend and it’s her choice, and the problem lies with the loyal boy !! Sasta maal fukna bandh karo dumbhead #dumb_roadies,” and , “Hypocricy at its best,splash some water on face aunty ji, @NehaDhupia People like you are really mocking the serious/prestigious issue of #feminism #shameonyou #shameroadies #antisocialist”.

In this case, both the internet and us stand divided on its opinion of Neha’s statements.

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