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Neha Dhupia’s Shift To Athleisure Is Adventurous. We Love How Badass It Looks

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Up until a decade ago, fashion was neatly packed in pretty little boxes and marketed to people in segments. There’s the workwear box that unpacked to straight trousers and boring blazers (seriously those were a snoozefest!). The shaad style box was all about gaudy lehengas and beaded sarees, with not a single embroidered pantsuit in sight. The most predictable of them all was the maternity/mommy-fashion box that was stuffed to the brim with flared maxi dresses that made the woman disappear in them. Fortunately for us, the 2010s brought with it a fashion revolution that focused on breaking the rules instead of making new ones.

No longer are we to pick a box and move, but dive headfirst into all of them and come up with clothes that we damn well want to wear…no judgments! Maternity and post-birth fashion have evolved the most with women refusing to limit themselves to baggy and close-to baggy clothes in order to accommodate the weight gain.

While divas like Beyonce are walking around in custom Versace to dress their bumps, back home we have a new mommy who is experimenting with athleisure and it looks so badass. Styled by Gurleen Sukhmani, Neha Dhupia is the only one we have seen do this look proper justice and have a few guesses as to what she is doing right.

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Back To Basics

If one were to trace back the roots of this street style trend, they’d find the lazy girls who couldn’t bother to put on actual pants and stepped out of the house in running shorts, yoga or track pants. Neha has picked the OG athleisure staples for her style direction and it works so well. Classic white sneakers paired with a monotone gunji tee and puffer jacket is a throwback to the OG hip-hop fashion that is still super cool today. The stacked gold bling is especially luxurious!

Not Holding Back

It is true what they said about clothes…it is not what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. Athleisure outfits require a certain ‘devil may care’ mixed with ‘I couldn’t be bothered to dress up” vibe, which is tricky to fake. This leads to women doing everything right with the pieces they pick, yet the right feeling does not come off. There is a reason why Neha can make a black gunji paired with bright neon jacket look so good…it’s because she likes the look and is comfortable with it being on her skin. A kind of reckless abandonment is associated with athleisure and she sure does pull it off!

I spotted the first signs of Neha’s shifting focus when she was pregnant with her daughter. A styling that started off as a need turned into something she can innovate and experiment with. The actress confessed in an interview, “I was worried people would stop offering work. It was a good thing my bump wasn’t showing till the sixth month because appearances matter here, and one might be assumed to be unfit for a job.”. We love that Neha did not let this necessity bind her, but do something better with it!

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