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Nancy Pelosi Becomes The Stuff Of The Legend After She Tears Up The Copy Of Trump’s Speech. We Love Her Savagery!

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There is something about a woman who is strong headed, fierce and bold enough to take her stand, that makes her unbelievably attractive and in this case, something of a legend, especially when the one she is standing up to is the President of a superpower like United States of America. The woman in question here, Nancy Pelosi who is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has yet again given it back to Donald Trump in a way that makes us want to kiss her hands and fawn over how cool she is.

Being the one who initiated the impeachment inquiry on Trump, Nancy Pelosi isn’t your average politician. She is what legends are made up of and we say this after the recent antic that she had pulled, that involved her tearing up the transcript of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. That Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are only short of officially declaring each other as arch enemies is no news, but it is the constant bickering and the subtle acts of savagery from Nancy that have us watching their interactions closely.

Started off with the iconic and viral slow clap by Nancy Pelosi to Trump during the time of his previous Union Speech, she has always been the kind to give it back to the President for his radical, irresponsible and often ill-informed statements that he is known to make. And seems like, history has only been repeating itself, especially after the showdown that took place during Trump’s recent Union speech. After the President visibly shirked off a handshake with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Pelosi wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and laud him for his discourtesy and dismissive move.

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Right after the President finished giving his speech, we saw Pelosi tear up her copy of the president’s speech as he was wrapping up, and boy did it make us want to grab a bucket of popcorn. Not only because the video for the same, where we can see Nancy patiently standing up as Trump concluded his speech, has her visibly annoyed but also because she with a lot of gusto,  took a copy of his sheets and ripped them apart, making her point, yet again, with a little gesture with a big meaning.

In fact, even when the Speaker Nancy Pelosi was introducing him to the crowd, she left out the usual and customary terms like, ‘high privilege and distinct honor’ and started off just as ‘Members of Congress, the President of the United States’. *Calls for immediate burn medicine* After the speech ended, Pelosi was asked about her rather controversial gesture, she replied by saying things like, ‘the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative,’ and even called his speech a, “manifesto of mistruths.” And we wouldn’t disagree there.

This not being the first time Nancy has pulled a one up on the President of the United States of America. Earlier too, and on numerous accounts has expressed her dissent towards his words, ideologies and ways around by being her savage and sassy self. Clearly the woman knows how to push his buttons, and she’s been doing it well. Be it passing a smirk after a meeting where the President had come undone or simply standing up and calling him out on his conflicting words in a room full of men in power, Nancy is what we would wish the future of women to look like – strong, independent and fearless.

Guess the President shouldn’t have rejected that outstretched hand. It simply isn’t working for him.

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