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5 Bollywood BFFs Whose Friendships Have Lasted Through Major Ups And Downs

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We are stepping in August and this is the month we celebrate Friendship Day. And while a lot of women may forget their BFFs after they get into a relationship, we feel they miss out on a lot. It doesn’t matter how loved you are and how big your social circle is. If you don’t have your BFF by your side, life can suck. Because while the boyfriend can give you the sex, when you need to talk, it’s the BFF you need.

Your BFF is the person you can talk to for hours and never run out of topics. On the other hand, even if you don’t talk for several days, you can always pick from where you left off. It’s that feeling of warmth and security, that makes you feel like you’re home. And while it was earlier believed that Bollywood actresses cannot be besties with another celebrity, let’s just say our millennials actresses have broken that myth. Here are 5 star BFFs that are giving us major friendship goals.

  1. Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez

Without giving it a thought, we’d say that these two bond over fashion. Both of them have their own sense of style – Sonam’s more experimental and Jacqueline’s more cheerful. However, their 7-year-long friendship goes much deeper than good aesthetics. They are the kind of friends who fix each other’s crowns, metaphorically speaking. We’ve seen Jacqueline helping Sonam fix her outfit on red carpet. She was also there for her when Sonam was down with dengue. Kapoor too is a supportive friend. When Jacqueline started her own YouTube channel, Sonam made sure to give it a shoutout on her Instagram story. Such BFF goals, you guys!

  1. Kapoors and Aroras

Sisters Kareena and Karisma have been BFFs with Malaika and Amrita since what seems like forever. And these are the kind of girlfriends that chick flicks are made of. All of them are stunning women who know how to let their hair down in style. They bring in their birthdays together, go on rejuvenating vacays and basically are girl gang goals all-in-all. If you have friends like them, you will never be lonely in life!

  1. Alia Bhatt and Masaba Gupta

While we are all aware of Alia Bhatt’s friendship with designer Masaba Gupta, do you know that it actually goes back to her childhood days? They are the kind of friends that feel like family, especially because their mothers have been good friends too. You will often see the two hanging out at parties, going for bff dates, and spreading love on Instagram. In fact, the besties even did a magazine cover together and while, it’s not possible in our cases, but if you have a childhood friend like this, hold on to her.

  1. Katrina Kaif and Anaita Shroff Adjania

Well, we know Anaita is the creative brain behind several stunning looks that Katrina has pulled off . But did you know that the duo share a bond that goes beyond professional purposes? In BFFs with Vogue, we got to see a whole new side to their friendship. Katrina revealed that she loves stealing from her wardrobe and that is so relatable. We mean, don’t we all raid our bestie’s wardrobe with full authority? And if you can’t do that, are you even besties?

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  1. Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar

The way these two became friends is rather interesting and sweet! It was on the sets of Ranjhanaa, and Swara’s vanity’s lights had gone off. Sonam literally went to her, with rollers in her hair and asked her to use her vanity van. Since then these two women bonded so well. Of course, it was really such a sweet gesture! They have been friends since almost 7 years now. If we ever had to pick a bestie in Btown, it would definitely be Sonam.

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