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Kristen Stewart Was Told To Hide Her Sexuality. Instead She Chose To Date Women Openly And We Think She’s A Star

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I am quite fascinated by people and their curiosity about other people’s business. They want to know everything, as if you’re a video streaming platform they have paid money to watch. And while filling the void in their lives with the entertainment they have extracted from your life, they will try and feel even more significant by passing judgement on your every move. They will go ahead and even tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you should do instead. You know, like in a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch interactive special. If you’re a woman, it’s worse. But if you’re a non-heterosexual woman or basically anyone in the LGBTQ community, it’s outright ridiculous. Recently, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Twilight-actress Kristen Stewart opened up about how she was advised by the old school custodians to keep her sexuality private.

The actress who was dating Robert Pattinson at the height of her Twilight fame came out of the closet, admitting that she is into women. She doesn’t classify herself as a lesbian but she is definitely not heterosexual. However, she was told that if she hid her sexuality, just maybe, she could get a role in a Marvel movie. I mean, that way, they should start putting ‘heterosexuals only’ in audition texts or job postings. “I have fully been told, ‘If you just, like, do yourself a favor, and don’t go out holding your girlfriend’s hand in public, you might get a Marvel movie.’ I don’t want to work with people like that,” revealed Stewart. Whoever told her that, couldn’t have been more wrong considering the waves Avengers: Endgame made with the inclusion of their first-openly gay character at the start of the movie. In fact, buzz is that they are planning to include a gay superhero at some point. So, the change is happening, gradually but we’re hopeful.

I am glad that Stewart didn’t give in to the pressure and has been freely dating any woman she likes. “Well, I think I just wanted to enjoy my life,” she said when asked how she felt about her sexuality being up for discussion. “And that took precedence over protecting my life, because in protecting it, I was ruining it. Like what, you can’t go outside with who you’re with? You can’t talk about it in an interview?”

Kristen wasn’t always so unapologetic about her personal life. In fact, for the longest time she and Robert Pattinson had refrained from speaking about their relationship. There was so much speculation that she felt like it had to be protected from unsolicited privacy invaders. What do you expect, when even the future president and failed casino-owner of your country, Donald Trump is so obsessed with your relationship? Yes, he tweeted a minimum of eight times about it.

Suddenly, Kristen’s acting skills were side-lined and her sexual preferences became ‘the nation wants to know’ equivalent of Hollywood. Revealing how she was being forced to tick boxes about her sexuality, which is nobody’s business, she said: “I was informed by an old-school mentality, which is—you want to preserve your career and your success and your productivity, and there are people in the world who don’t like you, and they don’t like that you date girls, and they don’t like that you don’t identify as a quote, unquote ‘lesbian,’ but you also don’t identify as a quote, unquote ‘heterosexual.’ And people like to know stuff, so what the fuck are you?”

The Juno actress, Ellen Page, too had to go through the same shit. “I was distinctly told, by people in the industry, when I started to become known: ‘People cannot know you’re gay.’ And I was pressured — forced, in many cases — to always wear dresses and heels for events and photo shoots. As if lesbians don’t wear dresses and heels. But I will never let anyone put me in anything I feel uncomfortable in ever again.”

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You’d think with the conversations happening that cultures around the world are more accepting and less orthodox than us. Oh how wrong we are. Hollywood, despite the glitz and glamour from the outside, continues to deny its people the right to be the way they want to be. Why should we judge people on things completely unrelated to your profession? Imagine going for an IT job interview and being refused because you don’t like football. Or zeroing down on a plumber based on whether he likes to Arijit Singh songs or not. This is shit; clearly discrimination is like mold that can thrive anywhere. So, one fine day, when the world becomes a happier place for the LGBTQ community, what will these bearers of negativity do? Losing your sole purpose in life can’t be easy.


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