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Katrina Kaif Proposed A Viable Solution To Encourage More Female-Centric Movies And We Love Her Idea

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We are all loving this turn of tides that have washed over Bollywood. Everywhere you go, women from the industry are talking about how we can bring about a sense of equality and some much-needed inclusion of female-centric movies. It is great, isn’t it? But up until now, everything that has been said or done has been on paper. There hasn’t been an actual solution that we can implement to tackle this problem that has gripped our industry since its inception.

Having said that, there is one person who does seem to have a firm grip on the idea, with actual workable solutions. Katrina Kaif came up with a valid point of action that if it is done right, it can pave the path to a completely unified future for our industry. Before I dive into what Kat is saying, let’s all agree that movies are supremely competitive right now. Everyone is comparing box-office numbers, everyone wants to be in the “200 crores” club but from what we have seen getting into that club is not possible for a movie that is led by women. Why? Because those movies don’t have the same budget as a movie with a Salmaan Khan or Shahrukh Khan has. That is exactly what Katrina is suggesting we tweak. We think it is a brilliant solution to a convoluted issue.

Katrina was one of the guests at We The Women, hosted by Barkha Dutt. There, she spoke on a plethora of topics but what caught our attention the most was what she said about the budgeting differences between movies that spearheaded by women as opposed to movies with a male superstar. She said it is unjustified to compare the box-office collections of female-centric movies with movies that are headlined with a male superstar since both projects do not get the same financial backing. Which I think makes complete sense.

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She also puts forth a solution to support her claim. She says, “My argument to that is, which I discuss with a lot of producers I’m close to and have worked with, give the female-dominated films, with maybe one or two female leads, the same budget and mounting that you are giving to the male stars or the combination of a male and a female star. Give that to a female film and see what happens then.”

She goes on to say, “We just need to see that confidence comes from the producers to take that risk and put that investment into the film. Tiger Zinda Hai, War are big action films with huge budgets. If we mount a film, it could be a different film, a comedy, a fun summer blockbuster, if we give that film the same mounting, the audience will feel that this is an event film. If most of our female protagonists’ films are small ideas and small in content and smaller in nature, how can the opening be compared to the Dhoom 3s of the world?”

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Katrina also believes that if a project with female leads, a good storyline, an able director and good financial backing then even those projects have the potential to earn those numbers on the box-office. I do see her point. If female-led movies are given enough backing they really can do wonders. People will recognize them and eventually it will solve a lot of issues like pay-parity.

I hope producers, directors and other actors are listening because this is a viable solution that can be implemented. Take the leap of faith!

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