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Katrina Kaif Particularly Enjoys Cute Mini Dresses And She Wore One That’s Well Within Your Budget

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You won’t ever catch Katrina Kaif dead in a maxi dress! The girl is crazy about mini dresses and we can so relate to that. Katrina spends her days off the screen in cute dresses that don’t commit the sin of going past your knee. We love them too. They are stylish and comfortable, barring the accidental upskirts on a windy day. We also find pretty dresses at affordable prices, that last long as well. I mean, a mini bodycon dress is like the ultimate date night outfit, and you can never have enough of them!

Katrina chooses her mini dresses very well as well. She is great at styling her body type – not that long legs and a slender torso are too difficult to dress!

The Prints

Caffeine lovers will agree….there isn’t enough coffee coloured fashion out there to pick from! So when Katrina wore this floral ruched number, we loved the look like we love our brew. Kat keeps her dresses form-fitting and youthful, which is the perfect look for a city-girl on the go. FYI: this particular dress from the H&M Conscious Exclusive range is made from ethical sourcing. Let’s stand together for the climate while looking like delicate little darlings!

The Trims

What girl doesn’t love herself some pretty ruffles? We know one thing for sure, Katrina carries a bunch of these attractive ruffled dresses to her vacays and it makes sense. they won’t tale up a lot of space in our bags and can be worn throughout the day. All we need are strappy flats and we are good to go!

The Fit

Like we said before, a bodycon dress is more than just another outfit in a woman’s wardrobe, it’s an essential. On days that see us standing in front of the mirror going “I have nothing to wear”, grabbing a bodycon dress is the quickest way to get over it. Katrina does her bodycon plain, which we think is the chicest way to do them. They look so sexy!

What are some of your favourite fashion moments from Katrina? Let us know!

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