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Janhvi Kapoor Says She Loved Kabir Singh And Would Like To Play That Character. To Us, She’s Got It All Wrong

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I think we have said this at least a thousand times, Kabir Singh was a terrible movie that never should’ve released. It not only promoted alcoholism and glorified toxic male masculinity, it also gave out the impression that women still need to comply with chauvinistic patriarchy. You slap a girl around and she is just going to sit there and take it without saying a word, and no one raises an eyebrow, it justifies the character’s behaviour . There was absolutely nothing good about Kabir Singh and given a choice that is one movie I would want to erase from people’s minds.

Here is the thing, I hated that movie so much that every time someone said they liked it I judge them. There have been cases where I have gone on a full rant as well, trying to show them exactly how sexist it was. So it stands to reason that when Janhvi Kapoor said that she liked the movie and wouldn’t mind playing a role like Kabir Singh, I judged her so much. You should too because this time she has made some really idiotic statements.

Janhvi was the latest guest on Neha Dhupia’s talk show, No Filter Neha. Just like most of Bollywood, Janhvi was also asked what her opinion on the movie Kabir Singh was. She said “I loved Kabir Singh. I understand people’s concern. I think cinema in our country plays such a big part in creating an impression on the minds of the general public, so I understand why people feel that it might encourage men to act a certain way. But it’s art! It’s not supposed to cater to societal norms, and what is right and what is wrong. It’s one man’s reality, it’s one man’s opinion of someone’s reality. It’s a grey character, that’s the point of it. If you only make sanitised, society-approved empty shells of characters, then what’s the point? He’s supposed to be f**ked up. Isn’t cinema art and isn’t art supposed to be a reflection of yourself. That’s maybe someone’s reality and that’s what they are trying to present on celluloid. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Frida Kahlo painted really disturbing images but it was called feminism because it’s her reality. You can’t filter it, then it’s not art. Then where’s the heart in it?”

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From all that, the only thing I understood was that she liked the movie because she did not understand it completely. To begin with, that statement is super self-contradictory and inconsistent. In the beginning, she is saying that cinema influences a lot of people, right? Then by the end of it, she is saying cinema is supposed to be a reflection of yourself. So is she saying that the brutal portrayal of chauvinism in Kabir Singh is a reflection of the maker and that is supposed to influence people. Then, isn’t that not the kind of influence you would want to exert? And if it’s a reflection of yourself, at least don’t glorify violence and blatant misogyny.

Another thing we would want to understand from her is why she has dragged a world-renowned feminist icon is this? Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who is lauded worldwide for painting portraits of herself that do not conform to societal norms. What Janhvi might not know is that Frida was heavily criticised for her work. She is known as a feminist icon not because she depicted her reality like Janhvi has pointed out, but because through her self-portraits she has depicted the life of women lightyears ahead of her time. I don’t understand why people make statements on half-baked knowledge.

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In the same interview, Janhvi also said “Art is supposed to make you uncomfortable. At least it started a conversation. That’s the point of films like these. Wouldn’t it be worse if you see a film and just leave? This disturbed some people. Some people loved it and some people hated it. That’s art and that’s what it’s supposed to do.”

Yes, art is supposed to make people uncomfortable and begin to start a dialogue. But Kabir Singh out of all the movies is not art, it barely even cinema. The way this world is moving today, a movie like this one is the last thing we need influencing people. And young actresses like Janhvi openly saying they would like to play a chauvinistic, egotistical character like Kabir Singh is absolutely maddening.

Janhvi, please stop encouraging movies like Kabir Singh. If you want to voice your opinions, do it correctly after you have understood every aspect of a subject.

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