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Alia Bhatt Defending Violent Behaviour In Films Like Kabir Singh Makes Us Very Sad

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If there is one thing that I would tell you, it would be that over the years, I have accustomed myself to focus more on the silver lining, than the dark clouds. You know, because life and people will never cease to stop giving you lemons. So you can either let it sting you or you can learn to make your own cocktail and enjoy anyway. I choose the latter. Kabir Singh, has been a disappointment for me. Not just because the movie is exemplary example of the deeply-ingrained misogyny in our culture, but because the masses have absolutely no problem with it. The movie is not as disturbing as the fact that it did so well, in fact, several youngsters are idealising the characters in it while the makers have justified it, time and again. But my silver lining here, is the fact that the movie has set in motion a debate, and that’s always a good thing. Debates are crucial to help you understand different perspectives and while am on the anti-Kabir Singh team here, I am just glad that people are still discussing about the hideousness there was in the movie. Like the audiences, the industry too is divided and this time around it’s Alia Bhatt who has spoken about it.

Alia Bhatt finds nothing wrong with Kabir Singh, and has defended it saying, “If I’m playing a murderer in a film that does not mean I am saying that I am supporting the act, neither am I a murderer in real life. Such things are quite clear. It’s just another character for me, so is it for the audience, who obviously want to see me doing different roles. So I think the audience understands.” So, here’s the thing. I am cool with people having a difference in perspective, but for the love of God, at least make an attempt at being logical. Even a tiny pea sized attempt would do at this point. And unless your murderous character is glorified as a heroic one, it’s really not the same. Not even close, actually.

Earlier, Shahid Kapoor had defended his movie, asking why nobody has had a problem with SRK in Baazigar when he killed Shilpa Shetty. Again, same point – Baazigar is a crime thriller and SRK is the anti-hero in it. The problem is not showing negative characters but rather making them look like heroes.

Alia Bhatt spoke about how artists take different kinds of roles for the sake of creativity but am sorry, do you have no responsibility as an artist? “If I keep too many barriers or limitations in my mind while choosing a film or the parts I am offered, it would not help me become a ‘massy’ actor. Cinema is art. Being an artist, these are the times when I should let my creative juices flow freely,” she said. Tomorrow, if you make a movie about a terrorist and show him as a heroic soul, aren’t you encouraging terrorism? “What if my character is misinterpreted, what if the audience doesn’t connect with what I am playing on screen, what if the character isn’t giving out the right kind of message,” Alia continued saying, while we hoped she would not.

Because honestly, and I am going to go ahead and say it – I am not really surprised with what she had to say. Alia Bhatt so far, hasn’t displayed any signs of strong-headedness or feminism whatsoever. Say Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, all of whom use their fame as a platform to send out socially-relevant messages. Deepika Padukone is the highest earning actress in India; she was able to break the age-old pay disparity between male and female actors in our country. Anushka Sharma picks confident and empowered characters. Priyanka Chopra, time and again, has spoken up without worrying about being diplomatic. Alia Bhatt on the other hand has only spoken in support of animals and ironically also sported shoes made out of 100% calf leather.

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And while we understand that there’s no pressure on any artist to take on the responsibility of caring about metamorphosing our society into being more liberal and equality-oriented, we definitely have more respect for those who care about it. If you’d rather use your fame to promote hair removal products than put your two pennies on what our society is in dire need of, then we’re afraid, we can’t respect you.

On the work front, Alia Bhatt will be next seen in Brahmastra alongside Ranbir Kapoor which is slated to release next year in 2020.

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