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Is Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s Zingaat A Downgrade Of The Original?

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We have always been impressed by Bollywood’s ability to rehash something old, good and sacred and make something of it — good, bad and sometimes ugly. Currently, the trend in Bollywood is to recreate old songs. This is mostly akin to taking a sharp knife and stabbing a song to shards, but apparently it works. A few beats are added, a few clothes are taken off, and voila, a new song is made!

This is exactly what happened to Zingaat. At least this one is not completely out of context like some of the songs have been. Given that Dhadak is a remake of the original Marathi film Sairat, the inclusion isn’t surprising.

However, the recreation of the lyrics, might have not been the best idea. Already in the movie, they uprooted the story and dumped it in the middle of Rajasthan to make it more relatable to the north Indian audience. And then they went and changed the lyrics. The Internet is not happy. The Internet is not happy with a lot of things, so that might not be the best way to gauge reaction, but of course, this sparked memes aplenty.

The outrage ranged from how the song sounded terrible to the very questionable dancing, to pretty much everything. The overall feeling though is of it being a cheap imitation of the original. But it made us laugh. Yes, we have a sense of humour.

It would perhaps be too prudish to say, leave good songs alone, but asking them to not butcher them, that isn’t too bad, right?

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