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I Never Thought I Would Say This But I Actually Miss Going To Work. Here Are 7 Things You Will Relate To If You Just Can’t Wait To Go Back

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When coronavirus had just started showing up on our horizon – which seems like a long time ago – most offices, not wanting to risk the life of their employees, implemented work from home. When that happened, I was thrilled since I thought it would be super fun to just chill around the house, spend time with my parents, work comfortably in my jammies and eat nice home-cooked food.

Now, cut to two weeks into working from home and all I want to do is get out of the house and actually go to the office. Working from home is a dreadfully boring nightmare. It is so boring that even time seems to slow down and you can feel every second crawl by. So, I never ever thought I would say this but I miss my desk, my squeaky old chair with one broken wheel, my team and most of all I miss that satisfying feeling of productivity you get when you are on your way home from work.

If you agree with me, read on. Here are things you will relate to if you just can’t wait to get back to the office.


  1. You thought work from home would be like a pyjama party. Sitting on your bed all day and working at your own pace in the most comfortable clothes you own, it sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Working from home, in reality, is just you sitting in your nightdress (because now you are too lazy to shower) in some corner of the room too sleepy to work. It is super boring, and it doesn’t help that your parents keep calling out to you every 5 minutes. At least when you are in office, there is nothing to distract you when you are in a work zone.

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  1. Office coffee is usually the worst nightmare ever but for some reason you miss it. It’s almost as if you got used to drinking that steaming cup of rubbish twice a day and started depending on it to keep you on your toes. And now you aren’t in office, you can’t help but wonder when you will ever get the chance to swear at that almost always broken coffee machine again.


  1. You miss your team so much. At least in the office, you had them to chill with, laugh with and do the stupidest things with. The actual work not seem like work because of the team, in a good and productive way. At home, during working hours, you are always bored out of your mind. Also, lunching at home might be comfortable and you might get fresh food, but it doesn’t hold a candle to all those crazy fun team lunches that you are so used to. Well, at least in the office you don’t have people breathing down your neck until you finish your goddamned carrots.

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  1. Do you realise just how big a distraction everything at home is? Every time you look at your bed you just want to go, snuggle inside your blanket and take a nap. Every time you see the new tab option on your computer you want to get onto Netflix and just watch a few episodes of the show you have been binging. Sometimes you want to make popcorn for your 4’oclock snack and put on a movie (maybe sometimes is now, but whatever). At least in the office you don’t have to continuously remind yourself to work but home, the struggle of not slipping is so real.

  1. This may sound extremely vain, but you miss dressing up for work every day. Maybe in the rush of the morning, you don’t exactly get to stand around and think of what you are going to wear but still, you miss the dressing up and going somewhere to do something. Now I am so aimless.

  1. Coordination is so much simpler when you’re in office. You need to follow up on a meeting? Great just hop across to your colleague’s desk and ask them – there is no wastage of time. Getting things done is also so much smoother when you are in office without everyone just in and around. At home, you have to call, text or drop an email and then wait for their response. It’s a vicious cycle that is getting super tiresome

7.  On the flip side, you are glad for this work from concept since you would have died of boredom during this lockdown period. However, you can’t wait until it is all up and running again so you can actually go to the office.

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